The  contest “Una seduta per 3DiTALY” , promoted by 3DiTALY Pescara in collaboration with WASP,  ended with the victory of  Vincenzo Fantini –  The joined projects were more than one hundred, seven were the  finalists who attended  the 3D printing- intensive laboratory  performed with  Delta WASP 3MT.

“Mould” is the name of a resistant, elegant, flexible and ergonomic chair, realised just in one single  PLA block by Vincenzo Fantini, young winner of the contest “A seat for 3DiTALY”. Thanks to his creation, Vincenzo has won a 3D Delta WASP 2040 printer, with whom he will be able to shape his future projects.


A call for a new design concept

Aim of the contest for dreamers and designers, was the projecting of a seat to be entirely 3D printed – or realized with 3d printed parts to be assembled the one with the other or with other material parts,  to form a chair;   an easily printable shape chair but above all  functional, intelligent, usable:   the purpose, shared by WASP,  is to promote new technology-use in the standard projecting process to obtain, independently, original objects which can be integrated in every day life.

It’s a big change: thanks to 3Dprinting, you can create by your own – your personal furniture, you can think and bring forth to new, more effective and sustainable living solutions.


One hundred projects and seven finalists for a 3d printing full-immersion

The proposal has triggered a big interest: more than 100 projects of any kind and shape, have arrived, many strange but clever, accurated and practical, from a chair for children that if upsidedown can become a rocking, to  the mono-block chair for outdoors that solves the water stagnation in case of rain. The seven selected finals have attended a two days full-immersion performing with our Delta WASP 3MT:  on 11th and 12th November the designers have been driven to the modelling and finalisation of the project for the chair 3D printing in real size; a unique opportunity which allowed the participants to experience the innovative technology of the pellet extruder developed by WASP.

Delta WASP 3MT : contest protagonist

The meeting has engaged and excited the audience, with its live 3D printing performed with a big size Delta WASP (3m. high), a surprising  multi tools machine, speed and versatile, able to bring forth to furniture, furniture parts or any other kind of objects under everybody’s eyes . With this stimulating contest opportunity, WASP has contributed to promote self-production culture  in the furniture components field – moving a little more onward  the borders of 3Dprinting world.

As further confirmation, during the 13th November award-ceremony, occured during the new 3DiTALY headquarter inauguration in Pescara, one of the biggest decorating element ever printed in Italy,  has been realised.