For sure one of the most interesting topic of our additive manufacturing world.
3D print Coral reef seems a really effective approach to use 3d printing and help the natural coral ecosystem repopulation.

Here we are at the European Research Project 3DPARE, where we were involved with Delta WASP 3MT CONCRETE thanks to Gianluca Pugliese from LowPoly official distributor of WASP in Spain and a certain one of the most expert in the additive manufacturing field from our community.

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Artificial reef 3D printing for Atlantic area

The Research group Giteco of the university of Cantabria has immersed a series of
3D printed artificial reefs in the UK, French, Portugal, and Spanish as part of the European project 3Dpare the reefs are placed with the aim to study the most adequate way to regenerate life in the Atlantic coasts.

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How to 3D print coral reef:

For 3d print coral reef you need for sure a 3d file like .stl file and the correct slicing: the project we show chose concrete and a sinuous structure. For that reason, they experiment with sand for support during the printing and manual filling.

There other similar application where is used clay instead of concrete (and we love it a lot) and also an object that uses the 3d printed infill like natural hollows. It is possible to print the object on one side and then turn up the piece to have horizontal holes.

WASP printer prints clay the same, but to finish the process you need also an oven.

Geopolymers is for sure another not much-explored way we will reach. Better way up to the scientist, is that research isn’t it?


3D printed coral could help endangered reefs

Researchers had immersed different shapes of object to understand during the years which one is better in terms of attraction and growth of flora and fauna in each group. At the end they will choose the best and adequate shapes and material to help endangered reefs.

Here the different coral reef immersed:

3D print coral reefs can create new habitat?

In this video, you see free diving in artificial reefs in Santander Bay. The artificial reefs host an octopus and different algae.

3D Printer for Coral Reef:

Delta WASP 3MT Concrete is the machine we provide with a continuous feeding system and the one that we dedicate to print large size objects. The maximum height you can reach is one meter tall; if you need to print something bigger, Crane WASP can be provided with the same extrusion system.

pump concrete 3d printer - Delta WASP 3MT CONCRETE


Other Two ispiring project you could realize using Delta WASP printer

Novel 3D printed reef tiles to re-populate coral biodiversity and 3D printed coral reef in the Maldives. These two showcases are not created by our technology but are perfect concepts to be realized with.

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