Au Gant Rouge, a renowned tableware shop in Beirut city; celebrates its 150th anniversary. The project is consisted of a window display, designed by a local designer called Gregory Gatserelia. The 3d printed display contained multiple elements, each placed in a separate frame on the store façade. The  consisted of an oval shaped bust used for lighting a uniquely designed plate, which is held by a fixed hand.


The process to create such a showcase went as follows, first a hand was 3D scanned to generate the 3D model required, then after cleaning the 3D model, it was printed on the Delta WASP 4070 3D printer using PLA material. Additionally, the bust was drawn on rhino and then printed on the Delta WASP 3MT using pellets in order to have the ability to create a silicone mold and cast 42 other pieces using Gypsum. All the elements are later on assembled and placed in each frame of the store front display.


One of the uniquely designed features for the window display is a face attached to a ceramic plate, which is 3D scanned and printed with very high resolution on the Delta WASP 4070 3D printer. Moreover, the face is attached to a hand carrying a cigarette using a plug-in mechanism that is designed within the prints. Finally, the hand and face are finished through sanding and sprayed with a golden color.