Can you make molds with a 3d printer?

The opportunities and partnerships in 3d printing are always rising. 

Today we introduce Tondo Garage, a garage situated in Ravenna, born from the passion of Giovanni Gallo and Luigi Tondo, ex pilot and expert of motorcycles. In 2011 they started a new project: a Garage where to design and make special motorcycles on demand. Four months ago the Tondo Garage Team asked us to explore together the opportunity to create 3d printed tanks.

Instead of printing tanks, we opted to make a model from which to generate a resin mold, in order to start a real industrial production. The process is linear: you need to scan the motorcycle and then you have to design the model to print. 

3d printed mold for motorcycle fuel tank with Tondo Garage

Why choose 3d printing?

3D Printing gives the opportunity to create a starter model with less time and a cheaper cost, compared to sheet metal prototypes. From here it can start a carbon fiber,or more valuable materials, serial production.

The precision and the speed of printing allow us to really enter in the productive process of a company and to make easier the creation of a project with special characteristics like a customizable product. 

The experts of Tondo Garage are experimenters and enthusiasts: they break new ground to get close to their clients’ requests, keeping an artiginal attitude in their work.

This mold was printed with the Delta WASP 60100 that permits big size prints.