The Wasproject is pleased to present another wonderful project to be discovered!

While waiting for the Rome fair, we will unveil a preview of our new ambitious project, which is directly linked to the whole Wasp project.

Our goal is to exploit our powerful delta to build a gasification stove! Its technology allows you to have very high yields, up to over 90% and zero CO emissions. Do you think that in Africa the burning of wood for heating and cooking is the leading cause of death for children under 5 years …

We have done various tests with metallic materials to validate theories of operation and designed the design of our stove, as soon as the big delta is ready we could show it in real dimensions!

For those interested in the project we are open to suggestions and collaborations, write to the email address: damianostefano.fontana@gmail.comgetto con spiegazioni piu dettagliate sul nostro lavoro.