3DPrinted Teardrop is a fragment of our central piece for Galaxia – It represents our tears of sadness and joy condensing in a central glowing movement elevating towards the sky and the centre of the temple 2018 for Burning Man.

The Galaxia temple consist of 20 timber trusses pointing towards one point in the sky, and will contain a 3D printed teardrop at its center, which serves as the temple’s mandala—a representation of the universe in Buddhist and Hindu symbolism.

Below this suspended teardrop will be a ripple in the ground, depicting the teardrop’s anticipated fall, while the timber sections will provide small alcoves in which attendees can write messages to be burned with the temple.

These bio-plastic pieces are generated with the open-source software Silkworm for Grasshopper3D, creating a fine mesh in its centre to scatter the light.