The 3D printers for Schools

A revolution in the learning method

WASP carries the 3D printers into the schools. The learning method changes: from the planning to the realisation of an item, the students develops a productive thought learning more and more requested skills in the labour market.

The Ministery od Education and Research has invested in innovation, giving the opportunity to several schools to equip their laboratories with highly technological instruments, 3D printers inclusive, the final aim is a 3D printer for each school. It’s not a simple update, it’s a real revolution in the learning method: in fact the 3D printer is versatile and can be employed in several fields-like that children and young people of every age( from nursery schools to university research)  get involved in a completely new system. The process starts from the thought, planning a project , then passes throught the acquisition of the machine use manner and ends with the realisation of  an item or of a model: the resulting satisfaction goes together with a deep comprehension which has nothing to do with the simple reading or memorisation of basic concepts.

WASP and School training

WASP’s role in the schools performs through meeting  where Wasp’s operators introduce to students and teachers the 3D printing world and supply the institute with 3d printers suitable to an  educational purpose.

3D printing and work world

Not at all of secondary importance is the bond with the work world.

Thanks to the interchange school-work, students can  take advantage of the assimileted skills due to 3D printer use, in societies of different kinds – from  prototype  to mechanical industry, from the  design to the biomedical industry, where they perform long terms stages and training.  Moreover it’s important to consider that  the 3D operator job is among the 10 most requested professions in the world:  the young people who learn to use 3D WASP printers during the school period, are ready for the present and future labor market.

3D Printers
for Schools


From Science to Art: the 3D printing application-fields

Let’s think to the science application: a techer can think of a molecule, print it and together with the students  can assemble it with others, disassemble it or build strings. Let’s think to Architecture  or Art application too: a student immagines a design-object, he studies and plans its realisation then  he builds it. The thought activates in a different way, in a productive and executive way, and the result works not only on the learning process, but on the self-confidence too, having in your hands the real outcome of your own labour.

In the end medical application, with the creation of anatomical components, for example in dental technology, we have realised specific machines able to realise dental parts useful in dental implants or prosthesis; and last but not least in the goldworking field for the particular realisation of jewls.

Ideal application exists in art schools with 3D ceramic-printing: the historical artwoks can be scanned and reproduced with the clay kit; once you have obtained the artwork-copy, you can cook it and finally decorate your “masterpiece.” This process has been used, for example – in the Pompei excavation.


A brilliant example: the works realised by students from  the Aldini Institute in Bologna

The students from the Aldini Institute in Bologna, have at their disposal a very equipped laboratory.  “Of course , it has always been very well equipped, but in a traditional way – the  professor  Floriano Fabretti, the Institute digital entertainer says -. Now, thanks to WASP 3D printers, students can give a shape to their ideas. Their final term papers too, consist on real projects like an electrical guitar, a robotic hand, a building model which is perfectly conformed with real sizes in proportion  and it perfectly conveys the idea like it wouldn’t be possible on a piece of paper  .”

The Aldini’s students works have been showed at the Bologna Fair from 5 to 6 Sptember 2016 during  “FARETE”, meeting point of societies of the area – promoted by Unindustria Bologna: a good result and an important opportunity for students.

3D Printers for Schools

DeltaCW 1824 in Kit

La stampante con cui crescere!

Dedicated to schools and domestic creative activities.

Printer with high performance, ideal for creating quality models and generous dimensions (diam. 18 cm x 24 cm height). Precise, fast and reliable. “CRESCO with WASP”is the result of collaboration between WASP and CRESCO LAB, it is sold in kit form.

Delta WASP 2040 EDU

The ideal printer!

Precise and reliable with every material. Professional, compact 3D printer to create objects up to 40 cm height, with a closed room and heated plate.

Delta WASP 2040 with Clay Kit

The versatile 3d printer!

Versatility, reliability, and a a kit to realise all projects thought fluid-dense materials.