Winner Project

Aureal Twist di Marco Parnasi


The 3d printing light contest aims to collect new projects that focus on spotlight topic especially referring to 3d printing potentiality.

According to Wasp vision about new scenarios of self-production, as imagined in “Shamballa”, the contest request is to design an innovative spotlight  (free light point, lampshade, table lamp, ceiling light, floor lamp, lighting objects) capable of reinterpreting light essence towards the creation of an iconic object, completely 3d printed.

The FDM technology with thermoplastic transparent pellet, as permitted with Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL, allows complex geometries fabrication with specific material and aesthetic features.

Participants are asked to design one object that may enhance those properties and finally be part of object collection made with Delta WASP 3MT.

Technical notes for design:

The light’s design (just one piece is permitted) must embed 3d printing settings of Delta WASP 3MT;

3d printing area_max area: a circle with 800 mm diameter; max height: 900 mm

3dprinting resolution_nozzle diameter: 3mm

layer height: 0,5

max slope: 35°


Giorgio Gurioli

Gurioli Design

Massimo Moretti

CEO WASProject

Enrico Bassi

Open Dot Digital Fabrication Manager


The winning proposal, selected by the jury, will be printed at Milan Triennale on March 2nd-3rd-4th, 2018 in the permanent space of OpenDot and will remain on display for the following period.

The winner will receive, as a prize, the object printed after the end of the exhibition.


  • 3d printing duration (see some reference objects printed with Delta WASP 3MT)
  • 3d printing optimization
  • Aesthetic value
  • Versatility

Gem Lamp
Nicola WaspTeam
Height: 900 mm
Layer: 1,2 mm – monolayer
Time: 4 ore

Abstract Branch
Kesra Mansuri Thingiverse
Height: 550 mm
Layer: 1,2 mm – monolayer
Time: 8 ore

Rigatona Chair
Gurioli Design
Height: 500 mm
Layer: 0,5 mm – monolayer
Time: 20 ore

Comparison of size and printing time


Free admission.

Competitors categories: designer, architects, students. Competitors can join the competition in teams that can be composed of any number of a team member.

Submission material:

ZIP folder named as (max: 20 MB) to send to email address containing:

  • 3d model in STL format (closed solid), named as Proposaltitle.stl;
  •  Image in JPEG format (dimensions 1920 x 1080 pixels, 150 dpi) showing the proposal and the specific use conditions, named as Proposaltitle.jpg;
  • Subscription form, signed by competitor/leader (in case of team) and scanned in JPEG format, named as Modulo di adesione_Proposaltitle.jpg;
  • Personal data in PDF format (format A4) with name, surname, birthdate, job, town, email address of competitor/leader (in case of a team), named as Anagrafica_Proposaltitle.pdf.

Credit big hero image: WASP Team / Object design: FabLab Venezia


Credit big hero image: WASP Team / subject design: FabLab Venezia