Big size 3D printing Service

A new industrial warehouse of almost a thousand square meters that soon became, in effect, the first service in Italy for large scale 3D printing.


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  • DeltaWASP 20 40 TURBO2 - La più veloce stampante 3D desktop con tecnologia FDM. Flessibile e affidabile è adatta a stampare materiali tenici.
  • DeltaWASP 40 70 INDUSTRIAL - Stampante 3D di grandi dimensioni con ampia area di stampa. Stampa materiali tecnici ad alte temperature. Flessibile e affidabile.
  • BODY SCANNER WASP - Il body scanner a quattro colonne cattura in pochi secondi le forme della superficie. Strumento efficace per la generazione degli ausili customizzati sul paziente.
  • COMPUTER + SOFTWARE - I programmi necessari, contenuti nel pc in dotazione, per l’elaborazione della scansione fino alla realizzazione della stampa 3D.
  • FILAMENTI - La conoscenza dei materiali è indispensabile alla realizzazione di un dispositivo efficiente. Qui a disposizione i migliori materiali per applicazione medicale selezionati da WASP.

Big size 3D printing Service

The propensity of WASP has always been aimed at large prints and in this sector the leading commercial printer of the Italian company is now the WASP 3MT HDP. In the Personal Fab and Industrial versions this machine has already been used for important services, including the creation of the first 3D printed scenography for a play, the Fra Diavolo staged at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome and at the Teatro Massimo di Palermo.

3d Printing


the first service in Italy for 3D printing of multi-sized materials

why printing with pellet in large scale

Research, development, study of new materials, innovative extrusion systems. All this is at the base of the most recent WASP products that are the result of the intense work dedicated to the renewal of the line of 3D printers. WASP responds to the requests coming from an increasingly lively and demanding market. The new WASP headquarters is therefore also a showroom, where you can see the entire range of 3D printers at work: from the fast Delta WASP 2040 PRO, to the industrial line with the Delta WASP 2040 INDUSTRIAL X, WASP 4070 ZX , 4070 FX, 4070 HDP and the WASP 3MT HDP.