Autocalibration is a systema for calibrating the planarity of the bed automatically and simplifying the adhesion of the first layer. Compatible with: Delta WASP 2040 T2, Delta WASP 2040 PRO, Delta WASP 2040 INDUSTRIAL 4.0, Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL, Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL 4.0, Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL 4.0, Delta WASP INDUSTRIAL 4.0 line
  • For enabling the autocalibration follow this procedure: (for Delta WASP 3MT IND 4.0 read Autocalibration 3MT IND 4.0
  • Clean nozzle and printing bed
  • With the printer turned off place the nozzle on the printing bed
  • Turn on the machine and wait for the message “AUTOCALIB ENABLED”
  • If the message is not shown try to heat up the nozzle, clean it and also clean the printing bed
  • As the message is shown launch Autocalibration this way:
  • Menu>Prepare>Autocalib (2040 T2, 2040 PRO, 4070 IND)
  • PRINT/AUTOCALIB (Industrial line 4.0)
  • As nozzle reach the temperature the autocalibration will start
  • Wait for the machine to perform the calibration (it may take few minutes)
  • It’s very recommended to launch autocalibration with the bed at printing temperature
ATTENTION Autocalibration is enabled thanks to an electrical contact between nozzle and printing bed. If the printing bed is different from the one provided with the machine make sure that it’s conductive. If it’s not you can still perform a manual leveling.