The gearbox supplied with the Continuous Feeding System (CFS) can be used in conjunction with a pressure washer to clean the system hose. Follow these steps for proper use:

  • MOUNTING THE REDUCER: Connect the provided reducer to the CFS tube, making sure it is securely attached. This will reduce the size of the hose, allowing for a smooth coupling with the pressure washer.
  • CONNECTING THE PRESSURE WASHER: Once the reducer is mounted on the CFS hose, connect the end of the hose to the pressure washer. Use the appropriate adapters, if necessary, to ensure a secure connection.
  • ADJUSTING THE PRESSURE WASHER SETTINGS: Before you begin cleaning, check and adjust the pressure washer settings according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Adjust the pressure and water jet to ensure effective cleaning without damaging the system.
  • CLEANING THE CFS HOSE: Start the pressure washer and run water through the CFS hose. Make sure the water flows evenly through the hose, helping to remove any residue or particles.
  • ATTENTION TO THE DIRECTION OF WATER: Make sure water is flowed through the hose in a direction that makes it easier to remove debris. It may be helpful to run the water in the opposite direction to the normal flow of material during printing.
  • MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE OF THE GEARBOX: After use, remove the gearbox and store it safely. If necessary, perform maintenance operations such as cleaning to ensure proper operation in the future.