The slurries used in LDM 3D printers are suitable for use as long as they retain their consistency and moisture inside the tank. However, the durability of the dough depends on various factors, mainly the initial consistency of the material and the environmental conditions. Here are some important considerations:

  • QUICK DRYING: If the dough is left in the open air on a table, it can dry out quickly, becoming unusable in a matter of minutes or hours. Therefore, it is important to prevent the material from drying out outdoors.
  • STORAGE IN THE CLOSED TANK: If the dough is stored inside the printer's closed tank, this can preserve the condition of the material for multiple days. The insulated tank prevents external moisture from entering and affecting the texture of the dough.


  • REMOVE PRESSURE: After completing printing, be sure to remove pressure from the tank immediately. This prevents the dough from being under constant pressure, which could affect its texture.
  • SEAL THE NOZZLE TIP TIGHTLY: To prevent the material closest to the nozzle outlet from hardening, you can tighten the nozzle tip with tape.

It is important to monitor the dough closely and assess whether it is still suitable for use before starting a new print. If the dough shows signs of hardening or alteration, you may need to reknead the material for optimal printing results.