Myrijam Stoetzer is a German girl who lives in Duisburg. Some time ago Myrijam wrote to Massimo Moretti that she had received a prize money that she would like to invest in a new research project. She would like to buy a 3D printer Delta WASP 2040 TURBO and she shyly requested a discount.

We had a look to her biography and we recognized an extraordinary girl who had already won a lot of prizes, in particular, we appreciate her project about a wheelchair directable with eyes. So, we decided to give her a printer.

Some days ago Myrijam and her friend Finja informed us They’ve won a prize with a new interesting project.

Now Myrijam is studying for the Intel Isef (International Science and Engineering Fair) of Phoenix, USA. It’s the most important science competition for high school students.

Good luck Myrijam!