It has been opened by WASP together with the network of Italian and foreign retailers to introduce the new machines and the new extrusion systems

Two days to inaugurate a large new WASP space, an event organized to show live the 3d printer artistic aspect and to inform which direction the 3D printer producer intends to follow. WASP has invited the network of its retailers, both Italian and foreign, to share innovations and development visions with those who accompany and support the project. In fact, Wasp thinks that the relationship among the people in the area is fundamental, an opportunity to collect questions and to reinforce the contact with the companies.

The demand drives the development direction

The new warehouse of nearly one thousand square meters, which is in via Castelletto 104 A / B in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna), was originally intended to host the production department of the 3D printing company, but as WASP founder, Massimo Moretti explained, ideas come while working and it’s always the demand that drives development: “We started putting the machines here because we had to create a scenery for a show that will take place at the Opera House in Rome –  Moretti said –  the first theater stage 3D printed. Later on, and step by step, we realized that we like this place like this and what is taking shape is a large 3D printing center”.

Big 3D printing with Delta WASP 3MT

New products and new dimensions

Research, innovation, development, study of new materials, launching new products, new dimensions. This is the group’s direction and the real added value of WASP, which has hard worked for one year to renovating its products in order to meet the market requirements. During the meeting, the new extrusion systems were presented and illustrated: Spitfire System, Zen Dual Extruder. Also the new machines have been introduces : the speedest  Delta WASP 2040 TURBO2, the elegant industrital line with Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL  and finally the Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL. These are innovations that required many technical insights and it was important to inform WASP’s network of dealers about the choices made.

The new 3D Printers line by WASP

Market requirements still uncovered

“Our job is to look at everything that can be done with these printers at the moment,” said Moretti, recalling that “Research takes shape thanks to the understanding of potentialities by everybody. Each of us has contacts with someone who might be interested in particular applications where only 3D printers can be successful.  The customers very often anticipate our research, ie.: asking us to make a scenary for a theater, or a statue or the hull of an engine … The good thing is that we are making machines that can respond to any market need – requirements never covered before”.

Spitfire Extrusion System

A space for everybody

These machines may have different ways-out and the new WASP space also wants to become an area where you can see what can be done, watch machines running, ask if a certain thing can be achieved. “This is actually a space for everyone. All people who wants to watch, touch with hands, can come here and receive answers to their questions”, Massimo concluded.

A large 3D printing center created by WASP