Tom Siu achieves the Delta 2040 raffled by WASP for Instructables and 3D Hubs: “now the possibilities to create are limitless!”

Tom Siu is a 23 years old French  boy, student at the  Grenoble Management School. He loves skateboard, snowboard, motor-bike  racing,  aerial shots and drones,  and , since he was a child, he has been enjoying to create using his hands, he likes constructing any kind of objects. And this passion has honored him : Tom, sharing his 3D printer-project of a  quadricopter drone,  has won the most important contest dedicated to  the 3D printer, promoted by the Instructables makers community  and by 3D Hubs.

Self- production: a winning passion

“I started my interest in drones about one year ago – he remembers – and immediately after I started to realise by myself   my quaricopter droneinquiring and learning the necessary information through forum and from friends.  Then, seven months ago, I discovered the  3D printing and I realised that it offers endless opportunites! At that point I was certain I could realise my drone thank to this technique”. Tom has projected his quadricopter with 123D Design, then he tried to print it using a little  3D printer found on line; in the meanwhile he noticed the 3D Printing Contest Announcement and he decided to join it , delivering his project and hoping to win the first prize: a Delta WASP 2040, chosen by the organizers, as the best 3D printer.

New Projects with Delta WASP

“I’ m really buff  that I will receive a 3D Delta WASP  printer because I’m sure it will open much more chances to my creations! “ the young maker utters. “Now I’ll be able to create bigger parts and using newer and stronger filaments like nylon”. Tom’s creativity is already working to conceive  smart productions: “I’m thinking about projecting electrical-engines part to be adjusted in a self- produced skateboard  for going around in my city; I’m going to realize new parts for racing-quadricopters, printed with  filaments I have never used before and finally, I’m going to create several parts for my motorbike and for my bicycles,  like a video camera, some light-supports and  purely decorating elements too”.

3D printing: a no-limit creation

Tom Siu has caught the 3D printing core and WASP’s main principles: the self-production value and the free and common know-how importance, the  real possibility to realise a new world starting from an idea and from a motivation, constructing with our own hands”. “What I really love in 3D printing – Tom continues- is that there are unlimited possibilities. What you need to have is just an idea and here you are; that idea may become reality. I’m sure  that  in the future I’ll realise a lot of projects with  my new 3D printer,   most of whom had never come into my mind before.”