Confindustria-Ravenna visits WASP

Company visit in WASP to present Shamballa, the new Technological Village of Massa Lombarda, an eco-friendly village that will be an important research station focused on 3D printing.

After the first meeting in Confindustria, when Massimo Moretti spoke about the Big Delta WASP, the 12-metres-high 3D printer, and showed the Delta WASP 2040 (a smaller 3D printer) describing how the project was born.

The event has been organized by Romagna Executive Education, the business school of Sestante and Confindustria Ravenna.

Flower Artist

Vases designed by flowers. It's the original project by Gianluca Pugliese, a maker that has collaborated with WASP for many years.

(You can find more information about the previous project - Light Extruder - here).

Flower Artist, quando la tecnologia fa della natura un'artista


Gianluca, a.k.a. Owen, in May 13th partecipated with a DeltaWASP  20 40 to the Sonar+D, an important Spanish Fair about Music and Innovation.


Flower Artist, quando la tecnologia fa della natura un'artista


Gianluca says: "The name of my project is Flower Artist, the concept is simple flowers design their own vases. You have a vase with a flower, with an Arduino and some sensors (for humidity, temperature, light, fluid level...) you can measure the plant values in a particular moment; the computer model the vase depending on that values. Light defines the high of the vase, humidity the width, ecc."



The project has been exposed during the Fair in Madrid. During the event Felipe VI, King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, King Emeritus and Manuela Carmena, Mayor of Madrid visited the stand.

King of Spain Felipe VI looks at a Deltawasp 2040 during the 3DF printing
King of Spain Felipe VI looks at a Deltawasp 2040 during the 3DF printing


We are very proud of this work!

Flower Artist, quando la tecnologia fa della natura un'artista.

Open Day WASP - European Maker Week

An open day dedicated to the public exhibition of projects and activities of the last few months. During the event will be shown the 3D Ceramic Lab and the Pellet Printer Lab utilized for furnitures projects.



Wednesday 01/06/16

from 10:00 till 16:00.


CSP srl - Viale Giulio Zaganelli, 26, 48024 Massa Lombarda RA, Italia

For more information about the event, please, click here.


Next WASP's events at Exposanità

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WASPMEDICAL: maker economy stampa 3D e biomedicale.

(Special Guest Ing. Marco Avaro and Dott. Lelio Leoncini)

15:30 - 16:30

Sala Convegni

Collaborazione online e stampa 3D per una biomedica accessibile a tutti.

14:30 - 18:30

Room Rossini Amezzato Padd. 21/22

Here some photos from the Stand with our new 3D printed furnitures, strictly Maker Style!

A prosthetic hand with a Delta 2040 WASP

A very simple prosthesis projected for people who has lost fingers or a piece of palm, realized with a DeltaWASP 20 40 by Enrico Perrucci (Cosmo3D). He belongs to the Enable Community Fundation, an American Community dedicated to 3D printing for customized, low costs prosthesis free of charge. Perrucci is now working on an Assembly Kit to educate children into schools to understand disability.

For more information here

Lama Alak Rinpoche in WASP

Incontro con il Lama Alak Rinpoche in WASP 2

Lama Alak Rinpoche  in WASP. 

We will exchange views about the Shamballa Project and the knowledge-sharing topic.



  Here you can find more information about Lama Alak Rinpoche.


The huge 3D printer will be the heart of a technological village rising up in Massa Lombarda in partnership with the Municipality


It’s Rising up a technological village dedicated to 3D printing, the heart of this project is the 12-metres-high printer BigDelta WASP. It happens in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna) thanks to a partnership between CSP srl (Centro Sviluppo Progetti – WASProject) and the Municipality that has made available a green area in the industrial zone of the town, in Cooperazione road.

Tuesday March 22th, the Mayor Daniele Bassi and the CSP Business Owner Massimo Moretti, are going to sign the agreement. Works will start at the beginning of next April.

WASP, leader in 3D printing technology, with the goal to disseminate the current state of its technology wants to build an eco-friendly village with low energy consumption. Therefore, Massa Lombarda is going to become an important Technology Experimentation Centre dedicated to 3D printing, a unique case in Italy and maybe in the World.

Massa Lombarda has always been a district interested in innovation – says the Mayor Daniele Bassi – the important agreement we signed today proves that the cohesion of energy, allegiance and creativity between the Municipality and a capable Entreprenuer like Massimo Moretti, it’s a crucial element of development for our city and the youth who we want to guarantee an adequate future commensurate to their hope”.

We decided to name the technological village Shamballa – says Moretti – from the name of the mythological place that symbolizes the city of peace, tranquility and happiness. A city quoted in a lot of cultural documents for its spirituality and technical advance. House, Food, Employment, Healthcare and Wellness are the basic human necessities of life – continues Moretti – In our Shamballa we’ll print houses and vertical vegetable gardens of different sizes. There will also be a laboratory for compact desktop printer to make objects (fornitures, biomedical, jewellery, ceramics). Thanks to the collaboration with some artists we are developping a cultural project”.

It’ll be the realization of the Maker Economy, the WASP idea of a sustainable economy, a new economical model where everything is selfmade and nobody depends on monopolistic companies. Quick exportable, it would be suitable for places where there is no productive potential or well-functioning infrastructures. Wasp is interested in taking care of World’s poorest country.

The BigDelta was shown for the first time during the meeting La realtà del sogno, happened in Massa Lombarda where more then a thousand people took part from 18 to 20 September 2015. In October 2015 the huge printer was bringed to Rome at Maker Faire 2015, where obtained a positive outcome. Inactive for some months because of the climate, now the BigDelta returns to work in a permanent location. The agreement signed today will last three years and is renewable.


Call for papers "Riabilitare la terra", Macerata 20-21 maggio 2016

WASP will take part to the Call for papers organized by Associazione Internazionale Città della Terra Cruda submitting with the project of a technological village in adobe buildings builded with the BIG DELTA 3D printer WASP.


For more information and submit to the call click here.

Waiting for you at MECSPE!

We will be at MECSPE - Parma again, the fair about technologies for innovation.
We invite you to come and see WASP's news and projects at our stand.
Come to see working our:
4070 e 60100 DELTA WASP
Come to meet us at the fair! You'll find us in the Addictive Manufacturing area
Pad. 6 – Corsia: L – Post. 17

For more information about the fair click here.

How you can receive a free ticket:

Send an email to [email protected] with your name, surname and email address (remember that to utilize two or more names for the same email address is forbidden) you'll receive a free ticket for the fair.


Designers meet 3D Printing

It’s a 12 hours no-stop marathon where designers work designing and prototyping a piece of forniture with WASP 3D printers. The event will take place at FabLab Venice in partnership with Wasp and there will also be one of us. The best project will be made by WASP and showed in our next events.

You can find more information here and the agenda here.

Registration open till 25/03/16, hurry up!