La Realtà del Sogno

We made it. The BigDelta, a 12 meters tall 3D printer, took shape and it’s going to be presented to the world.

We announce that the launch will be on the 18th, 19th and 20th of September, during an inauguration event which will be in Massa Lombarda, near WASP headquarters, where everything begun.

The researches that we developed to build the BigDelta 12 meters led us to improve our compact 3D printers, we always said it:

the way is looking far and working near.

We owe a lot to this project in this sense too, it was the engine that powered the enthusiasm and the research in the last three years. This important landmark is not the end of our path, our dream became wider.

Our new goal is Maker Economy.

Maker Economy is a new model where everything can be produced by yourself, where there is the chance of not depending on some unsurmountable entity that holds the productive monopoly. WASP is the acronym of World’s Avanced Saving Project and our research is focused on the common welfare and shared knowledge. It is not necessary to be great to have great topics, our big goals are the sense of our work.

House, work and food, health, are what a man need to live.

These are the themes of “Reality of dream”, the meeting that we’re organizing on the 18th, 19th, 20th of September, in Massa Lombarda. This gathering will be a precious moment for sharing ideas and celebrate this important milestone.

We will update this page with the program of the event of BigDelta 12m launch and other contents.

The enthusiasm grows, the purpose is ambitious.

Wasproject connects to Shamballa’s energies, the travel toward the perfect city began.

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