An intense week full of print tests at Constumat event, hosted by IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) in Barcelona was the circumstance to experiment different materials and mixtures with our BigDelta.

The continuous research on materials is the key for the uninterrupted implementation and improvement of our printers: a modified version of our cochlea extruder with rotating nozzle permits a better deposition of fibers, which can be present in an higher percentage in the mixture.

Thanks to the new version of the extruder we printed a chair made of wood paste, by using a mixture made of liquid glue, flour and sawdust.

A local craftman provided us with a recycled material fiber that he uses in his works, we printed it with a concrete paste.

Another live experimentation was the one we made with mushrooms mycelium: we extruded a support to make it grow. Mycelium is the focus of many green building projects, this 100% compostable material is an ecceptional insulating and it is more resistant than concrete. It can be used, just like in our case, to reinforce the structure, in which it forks.

We thank IAAC for having involved us and all the people who collaborated with us in these days, during the live exsperimentation and the operative research.