wasp at italian tech week presents itaca - massimo-moretti

WASP at the Italian Tech Week 2022

WASP at the Italian Tech Week 2022

WASP is back from Italian Tech Week, the largest technology event in Italy organized by Riccardo Luna. On the stage of the Fucine, in the splendid setting of the OGR in Turin, Massimo Moretti presented Itaca, the new project by WASP to respond to the needs of humanity through digital manufacturing.


On the occasion of the third edition of the exhibition, WASP participated both as a speaker and as an exhibitor, setting up a stand for Crane WASP, the architectural printer with which WASP has created some of its most renowned projects, including the very recent 3D printed exhibition for Triennale Milano.

Concurrently with the event, La Repubblica published an interview with Massimo Moretti, founder of WASP and speaker for the event.

Credits: photo  Daniele Solavaggione

3D printed art installation for Triennale Milano

A 3D printed exhibition for Triennale Milano


Press Office
mail: press@3dwasp.com
Click here to download the press kit


A 3D printed exhibition for Triennale Milano

On the occasion of the 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano, headed by Stefano Boeri, WASP and Space Caviar created an entirely 3D printed exhibition, using eco-sustainable materials of natural origin.

A 3D printed exhibition for Triennale Milano by WASP - view 03
3D printed art installation for Triennale Milano

The thematic exhibition Unknown Unknowns, curated by Ersilia Vaudo, addresses a series of themes including: gravity, seen as “the greatest designer”, an artisan that tirelessly shake the universe to which we belong.

Conceived by Space Caviar and produced by WASP, the exhibition design explores gravity’s ability to shape reality. The exhibition space is designed so that it converses with a hypothetical gravitational point positioned at the center of the museum’s Curva where the exhibition itself is located.



3D printing inside a museum

For the first time ever the exhibition design is completely produced inside the museum itself. For the occasion, WASP has created 32 different pieces in just 10 days.

This collaboration is a brilliant example of how WASP technology is declinable and multidisciplinary.

Un allestimento stampato in 3D da WASP per Triennale Milano - foto di DSL Studio

Crane WASP collaborative 3D printing system

For this project WASP used the architectural 3D printer Crane WASP, a collaborative 3D printing system.

For the needs of this specific setup, WASP transported and assembled Crane WASP within the museum and mixed the material near the printer on the first floor of the Triennale.

Following the values of reuse and sustainability, the staging for the thematic exhibition was realized using only organic materials, largely deriving from the food industry.

This mixture, designed by Ricehouse, was used for the first time by WASP to create a 3D printed wall with embedded stairs in collaboration with IAAC. This work can be considered a first significant step towards the realization of load-bearing earthen structures.





Crane WASP
the Infinite 3d Printer


A 3D printed exhibition for Triennale Milano by WASP - Crane WASP - 01

Exhibition: Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries
Inauguration: July 15 2022, the exhibition will be open until December 11 2022
Location: Triennale Milano

Credits: photo  © DSL Studio

see Press Kit for more details

100 italian architectural conservation stories prize by symbola e fassa bortolo

100 Italian architectural conservation stories

The prize by Symbola and Fassa Bortolo

WASP is one of the winners of the Symbola foundation and Fassa Bortolo’s prize on 100 Italian architectural conservation stories, in the section material and technology.
A hundred stories about innovation, sustainabiliy and beauty: the aim is to tell the best conservation works in Italian territory in order to enhance the richness of the architecture.

100 italian architectural conservation stories prize by symbola e fassa bortolo

Symbola Foundation

Symbola Foundation for Italian Quality does research, project and events to underline the quality of companies that focus on innovation, creativity and human resources.
In fact, from 2005 Symbola promotes and researches Italian beauties, through key values based on Green economy, Culture and social cohesion. It cooperates with specialized institutions to better analyze italian companies actions and make quality papers.

The WASP winner project

WASP won the prize thanks to his work done in partnership with Parma FabLab and 3D ArcheoLab: the reconstruction of a Kantharos. It is done through non invasive 3D scans. Kantahros was a drinking cup used in V century b.C. by Greek and Etruscan, and this in particular represents Sileno and Menade decorations.
The cup’s copy, printed with Delta WASP 4070, is exhibited in the Etruscan Museum of Marzabotto for blind people.

WASP also scanned 28 decorative statues in the Pompei archeologic area in partnership with the Special Superintendence for cultural heritage. After that, the models were printed and located in Ottavio Quartione and Marco Lucrezio's Domus.
The printed copies are almost identical to the real pieces, thanks to the quality of the details; original ones are preserved in Torino.

Symbola book closed of the prize 100 italian stories for future building

SYmbola book of the prize Symbola book closed of the prize 100 italian stories for future building in front of Gaia

The prize of 2019

Also in 2019 WASP was among the winners, but in anoter field: "100 italian stories for future building". It was a research on Italian Companies that worked in the building industry that stood up for innovative projects.

The research was made in partnership with Fassa Bortolo and the Triennale di Milano, with field's experts and MadeExpo such as technical partner.
The prize was given for Gaia3D printed house with Crane WASP technology using natural materials from the surrounding area.


WASP Matteo Viviani

Le Iene Show at WASP

The italian intelligence to win against the virus

The good of technology at the service of humanity.

The "Iena" Matteo Viviani went here in WASP to meet Massimo Moretti, CEO, to talk about the medical devices that were designed and produced to fight Covid-19. First he gave a look at Gaia, the first 3D earth printed house, then he tried MY SPACE HELMET, our drip protection ventilated helmet with an integrated filter.

Watch here the report dedicated to the WASP technology from the minute 8 (in Italian).

WASP al tg3 emilia-romagna

WASP at TGR 3 Emilia Romagna

WASP on the front line against Covid-19

The good of technology in the service of humanity.

The Journalist Mattia Martini talks about WASP's technological innovation in 3d printing against Covid-19 with MY FACE MASK , a custom 3D printed mask , and MYSPACE , protective helmet.

WASP al tg3 emilia-romagna

Watch here the report on WASP technology from the minute15.20 .

ZERO Impact Houses, WASP on the tv show Striscia la Notizia!

WASP with the 3D printed house of the future on Striscia la Notizia

Cristina Gabetti in the special "Occhio al Futuro" (Eye to the Future) on the tv show "Striscia la Notizia" interviews Massimo Moretti of WASP and Tiziana Monterisi of Ricehouse srl on the house of the future 3D printed with raw earth and rice processing waste. The good of technology at the service of man.

Gaia, 3D printed house with raw earth

WASP presents Gaia, the first 3D printed house by the new Crane WASP technology with natural materials from the surrounding area.

Casa stampata in 3d, fronte

WASP technical sponsor of the Expo Dubai 2020 Design Competition Winner

Delta WASP 3MT experiences the 3D printed tissue

Our pay off is: Your dimension, Your material, Our solution and every day WASP works to create a network and give tailored answers.

Shapemode is a design studio specialized in digital fabrication and innovative additive printing technologies, based in Milan. When Shapemode asked us to collaborate with them on the SIKKA project, a unique project based on the innovative combination of textiles and 3D printing technology, we eagerly accepted. 


Delta WASP 3MT prints large formats and has been strategic to achieve the final results and allow the team to go beyond experimentation, up to the final production.

The project is based on the innovative combination of rigid materials with flexible materials and thanks to an experimental process, a 3D printed tissue was created.

Realized by a team of architects and designers from the Polytechnic and the NUMEN Institute SIKKA opens a new era in the texile industry. The prototyping process involves 3D printing with FDM technology (3D pellet printing) on ​​elastic tissue. Once the tension has ceased, the tissue generates a selective deformation of the surface and extremely complex surface bendings. The composite tissue is folded, cut and / or laminated to obtain further aesthetic and functional effects. Although experimental this process translates into visually convincing surfaces with unique performance characteristics.

SIKKA breaks new ground in digital textile technology and will have the honor of representing Italian innovation during next year’s Expo event to be held in the UAE from October 2020 to April 2021 and, even before that, at other national events focusing on design. The Design Competition, at its seventh edition in 2019, focuses on the creation of innovative projects and prototypes given by the collaboration between local companies and designers under the age of 35.

Shapemode won the competition as the best of the 20 projects selected to be exhibited at Expo 2020.

The combination of elastic and plastic tissue had already been tested in small elements, but the SIKKA project brought this experience to a large object for the first time thanks to Delta WASP 3MT printers. 

Add-on Blender 2.8 course: digital manufacturing for the medical sector

Add-on Blender 2.8 course: digital manufacturing for the medical sector

WASP organizes a 3D modeling course for Blender 2.8 dedicated to the medical world, in particular to the specific medical add-on developed by WASP Med. The course is designed for orthopedic professionals and 3D modellers who want to learn how to use this digital fabrication tool during their daily work.

Add-on Blender 2.8 course – digital manufacturing for the medical sector

Our course will take place in September on following dates 13th, 14th, 27th and 28th. We’ve organized 4 days dedicated to the basic and advanced knowledge the proper one you need to have to use our WASP Med Add-on Blender 2.8. This Add-on is the important result of a year work of WASP Med team in the digital orthopedics sector development. The course will be organized for a maximum of 12 participants and a minimum of 5 to ensure a good teaching result and a one-to-one verticality.

Every day will be divided into 2 parts:

  • 4 hours in the morning with theoretical lesson with Prof. Zomparelli
  • 4 hours in the afternoon with practice together with the two WASP tutors.

It will be translated in English.



PROGRAM Blender Course 2.8

h 09.00 – meeting
h 09.15 – lesson
h 11.00 – coffee break
h 11.15 – lesson
h 13.00 – lunch
h 14.00 – practices
h 18.00 – end lessons


Organic vs mechanical modeling
Modeling of low-poly parts
Bridging, extrusions, erasing and moving faces


Mesh import and scans
Modify and manage an imported mesh
Use of modifiers for anatomical adaptation


Add-on step-by-step use with details
Study of the functions inside Add-on in Blender 2.8
Modify the mesh that comes out from the Add-on with additional functions


Specific cases based on participants’ feedbacks
Workflows’ creation

Blender Course 2.8: useful info

On September 13th, 14th and 27th the course will take place in Bologna, in a location easily accessible from the train station. On September 28th, it will take place at WASP in Massa Lombarda where some practical aspects of 3D printing will be tested. The course includes 32 lesson hours + 15 assignment hours at home, for a total of 47 hours.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEZ6PulqPnQ


Alessandro Zomparelli

Since 2011 he has been member of Co-de-iT, his background in Engineering and Architectural fields drove him to explore the opportunities of computational design in combination with 3D printing technologies at different scales, from architecture to human body. He is busy with both speculative and commercial projects, from masks to prostheses, fashion accessories to medical products.

Since 2015 he has been  author and developer of Tissue, an open-source add-on for Blender with the aim to introduce specific Computational Design workflow, like surface tessellations, without the need of nodes or programming skills. 

He is currently Contract Professor at Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna and at Istituto Marangoni (Milan), where he teaches digital design techniques for product design. He is also tutor in several international workshops about computational design strategies in Architecture and Product Design.



The course costs only Euro 1.200 + VAT (22%)

If you are interested to join the course please register by filling-in the below form (send your application as soon as possible because it closes on reaching the 12 participants).

You will receive a Proforma form with correct due amount and bank details for the bank wire transfer then.
Bank details: IBAN: IT21O0854267570023000095117
Transfer reason: Add-on Blender 2.8 course: digital manufacturing for the medical sector. The registration will be confirmed you by email upon receipt of payment.


WHAT: Add-on Blender 2.8 course: digital manufacturing for the medical sector

WHEN: on 13th – 14th – 27th – 28th September 2019, from 9 a.m to 6 p.m

WHERE: Bologna & Massa Lombarda, (WASP).

TARGET: orthopedic technicians, medical professionals, students

BRING WITH YOU: your laptop.

For this edition registrations are closed.

Ask informations for the next editions filling the form.  

    * I hereby authorize utilization of my personal data for the purposes of processing my request. Such personal data shall be processed in compliance with the information contained in the privacy policy

    muro stampato in 3d, terra

    Viaggio a Shamballa

    6 th and e 7 th October 2018
    Crane WASP The infinite 3d printer

    Presentation of the new technology for architectural 3d printing

    We have been working on this project for 2 years in order to optimize and develop the technology and finally we are proud to introduce the WASP reached goal. Without forgetting our origin we look ahead towards the future and the result is a new 3d printer for architectural scale.

    The Crane WASP  “ the infinite 3d printer” will be presented on 6 th and e 7 th October in Massa Lombarda.  A collaborative 3d printing system able to print Houses; it can be put in the “Maker Economy Starter Kit”; it prints material from the place of origin ( 0 km) taking example from our distinctive symbol: the potter wasp. During the event also the study-case of 2018 : Gaia will be presented. This is a the first module in soil ever realized with the 3d print- technology . It’s a structure obtain by soil straw and compost from food waste.

    You can visit also the whole area with the working in progress and the progresses from the first “Shamballa” together with an exhibition of works realized belonging to the most different fields: House, Art, Energy, Digital Fabrication, Health, Food.

    hero image credits: WASP hub Venezia

    Our Press Office is directed by:
    Maurizio Andreoli  press@3dwasp.com

    Download here the press kit


    Viaggio a Shamballa event 6th and 7th October 2018

    First day 6th October 2018

    Morning: Ex-Chiesa del Carmine via rustici 2 Massa Lombarda (RA) Italy 

    Afternoon: via Castelletto 104 Massa Lombarda (RA) Italy 

    Free Entry without reservation 


    Conference Meeting:  on 6th October 2018 in  Massa Lombarda (RA) at Ex-Chiesa del Carmine

    A CALL TO SAVE THE WORLD: Large-scale 3d printing and green building

    The most important experts from all over the world meet to discuss the state of Art. WASP  launches a new proposal: the collaborative 3d printing system: the  WASP Crane or the infinite 3D printer.

    GAIA the  2018 case study will be presented too. A Living module 3d printed with soil,  straw, and waste from food.  In the afternoon Visitors interested can experience the Technological park.


    H 9.00 – 10.00 Registration and welcome

    H 10.00 – 11.00  WASP introduction

    from  Big Delta 12m to Wasp Crane the infinite –Massimo Moretti CEO

    WASP Crane a collaborative 3d printing system  – WASP Team

    GAIA a 3d  printed module in terrain and chaff – WASP Team & RICEHOUSE

    H 11.00  coffee break

    H 11.15 Guests- speeches  with  contemporary experience sharing from several groups involved in the  house3d printing

    H 12.00  Round Table: exchange of know-how and experiences.

    Moderator: Alessandro Ranellucci

    H 13.00  lunch break

    H  14.30  To the  WASP Technology Park / Via Castelletto 104 Massa Lombarda (Ra)

    Press point: interviews – photos and videoes (for appointments and information please contact: ufficiostampa@wasproject.it)

    Lecture by the President of the Emilia Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini and the Mayor of Massa Lombarda Daniele Bassi

    H  15.30  visiting the park: Travelling to Shamballa

    • Technical explanation of WASP Crane
    • Showing the 3d printed case-studies realized with the new Crane WASP: Gaia a soil 3d  printed module, Totem StarGate 3d printed with eco-friendly concrete, Mockup a wall section 3d printed.
    • Virtual reality with Artigitale: a great experience inside Shamballa

    H 18.00 Techno Freak party nerds going crazy For those who want to have fun with us: Wasp Party!

    Dj set by the artist  Marco Samorè

    H 00.00  Silence

    Former Church of Carmine in via Rustici 2 Massa Lombarda (RA)
    CONFERENCE PROGRAM on Saturday 6th  October 2018
    Large-scale 3d printing and green building
    The major world leaders meet to talk about the state of art. WASP launches a new alternative: the  WASP Crane a  collaborative printing system also called the infinite 3D printer.
    The case study 2018 will also be presented: GAIA the 3d printed housing module realized with soil and waste from the agri-food chain. In the second part of the day we will visit the module in the park where it has been built
    H 9.00 – 10.00 registration
    H 10.00 – 11.30 MASSIMO MORETTI and WASP Team
    • Motivation as our research Lodestar
      Presentation of the WASP project
    • Digital manufacturing to meet basic human needs; democratization of production capacity, as an alternative to the industrial economy.
    • Maker economy starter kit or the self-production economy: food, home, health, energy, digital crafts, art/culture.
    Focus on one of the application filed: Home
    • From the Big Delta to the WASP Crane ; Why?
    • Modular and evolutionary system
    • Development of extrusion systems
    • Choice and development of materials for architectural applications
    • The house that  takes care of you, controlled release walls
    • Presentation of the Gaia project
    Project exhibition
    • Material deposition logic to improve thermal and mechanical characteristics of printing on the ground
    • Multifunctional wall system: insulation, ventilation, plant engineering
    • Formulation of the biomaterial used for the 3D printing based on terrain at Km0
    • Waste Materials from the agri-food supply chain  used  with  Rice House
    H 11.00 – coffee break
    H 11.15 – Roundtable with Alessandro Ranellucci and guests from all over the world
    The strength of the group, collective knowledge at  the collective good service
    H 12.00 Some themes:
    sharing knowledge or industrial secrets?
    To be a pioneer or to follow innovation?
    How to make this technology accept by the government regulations
    Possible market outlets: consulting, services, equipment, construction …
    A new aesthetic with new technology?
    Approach to the legislation
    Safety at work and 3d printing
    Full 3D printing or mixed technique? integrated digital manufacturing
    H 13.00 – Lunch break: list of affiliated sites
    H 3.00 pm Meeting at via Castelletto 104 at WASP headquarters
    H 15.30 Intervention by the President of the Emilia Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini and the Mayor of Massa Lombarda Daniele Bassi
    H 15.45 Field visit: Journey to Shamballa
     WASP Crane – technical explanation
    Illustration of the case study printed with Crane WASP: Gaia housing module printed in 3d, Totem StarGate 3d printed in cement mortar, Mockup section of wall.
    Virtual reality with Artigitale: a firsthand experience in Shamballa
    H 17.30 Closing of the scientific section
    H 5.45 Aperitif and Music

    Viaggio a Shamballa 
    Via Castelletto 104 Massa Lombarda (RA)

    During the second day of the event, at the same time as the conferences and open workshops, it will be possible to visit the Shamballa spaces and learn more about the WASP reality.

    h. 10:30
    WASP Hub meeting

    Round table
    WASP Hubs are unique in their kind, at the forefront of technological research spread the vision of the project. They build a network in the world that investigates the themes: home, food, energy, digital crafts, art, health. Attend this exchange of experiences and projects to understand the possibilities and applications of 3D printing!

    h. 14:30
    Building houses on the ground, an ancient history that returns to current.
    The first step: prepare the dough for the Crane WASP printer. As? With your hands and feet!
    – explanation of the process
    – the secrets of our recipe
    – considerations on zero Km materials and addition of waste vegetable fibers
    – preparation of barefoot dough
    – printing of the mix prepared with Crane WASP
    – necessary comfortable clothing, towel, paper and pen.

    h. 16:00
    The participants will become the protagonists and actors of the variables of this project. One body will lean against the other creating a single modular element that will be used for the 3D realization and the printing of a seat for collective spaces.

    h. 16:30
    Biomedical 3D printing, innovative solutions to help people. When technology and custom made are at the service and within everyone’s reach. Prosthetics, orthoses, clinical models and much more. Come and hear what it is!
    – Jean Bassmaji – “A hand for Syria” the twinning with Damascus
    – Alessandro Zomparelli – “Free software for medical applications”

    h. 17:00
    A preview of our participation at Maker Faire 2018. With Andrea Melò and Luca Tarlazzi we work on 3D printed sculptures in clay. The perfect meeting between art and technology. “
    – introduction: how to print 3d clay? illustration of our products
    – print templates
    – finish and smoothing
    – necessary comfortable clothing, paper and pen, sculpture tools.

    h. 17:30
    Angelo Mirabelli will illustrate the principles and the functioning of wind energy and how to make a 3D printed shovel.

    h. 18:00
    Do not miss the most appetizing moment of all. From the vertical vegetable garden to 360 ° cultivation. Massimo Visonà will tell us about the principles of hydroponics and automatic cultivation. – introduction – demonstration and operation

    h. 18:30
    “SHAMBALLA: the ideal city between history and myth”
    Gerardo Lonardoni returns to tell us what Shamballa is: the ancient legend that is lost in the mists of time of a perfect city in which the inhabitants spiritually and intellectually live in peace and harmony. Only imagination?
    – Background
    – Shamballa over time
    – Countries and representations
    – Recommended texts to deepen

    H 19.00
    Greetings and closing rite

    A Shutlle from  8:00 to 9:00 and from 17:00 to 18:30 is available from and to Imola train station and Massa lombarda during the whole event.

    WASP’s contacts:

    info@3dwasp.com +39 0545 82966

    Worshop  registration:

    francesca@3dwasp.com +39 333 9497127

    Crane WASP

    We will present the new invention by following these main points:

    • Modular system with different configurations, which to choose and why.
    • Coordinated and collaborative 3D printing, the heart of the project.
    • Extrusion of natural materials and cement mortars, our acquired knowledge.
    • On-site construction, transportability and man-machine interaction.

    Crane WASP

    the Infinite 3d printer

    Crane WASP The Infinity 3d printer is a modular collaborative 3D printing system. It reinterprets the classic building cranes from a digital manufacturing point of view. It is composed of a main printer unit that can be assembled in different configurations depending on the printing area and therefore on the dimensions of the architectural structure to be calculated in 3d.
    The print area of the single module is 6.60 meters in diameter for a height of 3 meters.

    The evolution of the Big Delta 12M allows us to reduce the mechanical dimensions of the printer while maintaining a large print area. Created with the same modular mechanical components  used to make up the Big Delta 12M aluminum structure , it is a fast and efficient tool to be dismantled and reassembled  for an easy transport.

    The single module can work self-sufficiently by printing fluids of different kinds: cement, bio cement, natural dough. Once you have a single module,  you can expand it by adding traverses and printer arms, thus generating an infinite digital manufacturing system.

    It is not necessary to “cover” the entire area involved in the construction with the printing area of the  WASP Cranes because they can be reconfigured and can advance with generative attitude depending on the growth and shape of the building. More WASP Cranes, when working  together,   have a potentially infinite printing area  and can be set by the on-site operators following the evolution of the architectural project.

    Contained in the Maker Economy Starter Kit, it too is designed to be able to print on-site natural mixes at 0km,  with the addition of natural fibers for architectural-scale construction. The container, transported on site, offers all the necessary tools to build a self-sufficient village through the most advanced additive technologies. Depending on the territory and the project, one can choose the optimal printing configurations, by assembling  each single module in different ways.  All components are transported disassembled. The basic tools included in the kit together with the printer, are those dedicated to the mixture: muller and tumbler

    Crane WASP The Infinity 3d printer

    Crane WASP
    the Infinite 3d Printer



    Next Ground

    The case study 2018, the Gaia module is the first living example printed with the WASP Crane . It combines the most advanced technology with the oldest material,  melting earth and mind.

    What we will present is an architectural module complete with insulation and coating systems, obtained through natural materials and which reflect the green building principles applied to digital fabrication. In collaboration with Rice House, we have added husks and rice straw to the inner spaces of the 3d printed-built -wall . The masonry is completely printed in 3d. The design of the wall, with grooves and insulation, gives Gaia very high energy performance. During the event it will be possible to enter Gaia, touch the walls, and see what   soil-3d printing  is.

    Casa stampata in 3d, render

    in collaboration cwith


    Aggiornamento da Shamballa, la stampa 3d di Gaia!

    in collaboration with

    Workshop on Digital Ceramics


    On August 29th, 2018, from 3 to 6 pm at the MIC (International Museum of Ceramics) in Faenza (RA) WASP together with the famous digital artist Jonathan Keep organizes a workshop on ceramic 3D printing.
    You will have the possibility to print the new technology developed by WASP: Delta WASP 2040 and Delta WASP 60100


    August 29th, 2018, from 3 to 6 pm at the MIC (International Museum of Ceeramics) in Faenza (RA)

    • 15.00-15.15 Welcome and opening of the works (Claudia Casali Director of the MIC and WASPTeam)
    • 15.15-16.00 “Computation Clay”, new ways to work clay in art and design (Jonathan Keep)
    • 4.00pm – 4.30pm Excursion to the ceramic 3D printing market: since 2014 up to date it’s the second generation of Delta WASP Clay printers (WASP Team)
    • 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm Active part: 3D printing applications in the arts and furniture sectors (Jonathan Keep & WASP Team)
    • 18.00-18.15 Conclusions and greetings


    Jonathan Keep

    The exclusive possibility: one day with the Digital Artist Jonathan Keep

    “I was born and grew up in South Africa, obtaining a BA (Hons) Fine Arts degree from the University of Natal in 1979. In 1986 I moved to England and settled in Suffolk where I continue to live and have a studio at my home in Knodishall. In 2002 I received a MA from the Royal College of Art, where my postgraduate show was awarded of the Lattice overall prize-winner award and subsequently was awarded a Woo Foundation Graduate Arts Bursary. I have exhibited and undertaken and a number of artist residencies in the UK and abroad… see more>>


    Free admission. The workshop is free, you must register your attendance by filling in the form at the following link (maximum number of participants 20 people).

    Registrations closed, the maximum number of subscribers reached. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about the next workshops!


    WHAT: Free workshop entitled “Digital ceramics”

    WHEN: 29 August 2018, from 15.00 to 18.00.

    WHERE: c/o the MIC in the Sala Classiche, Viale Alfredo Baccarini, 19, 48018 Faenza RA.

    TO WHOM IT IS ADDRESSED: artisans, designers, ceramists and students.

    WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: computer.

    The Workshop is part of the official Argillà Italia 2018 program


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    Protagonist the DeltaWASP 20 40 with 3D ART Revolution to Expo 2017

    Potenza Lab, commissioned by the Basilicata Region, presented innovative projects related to 3D printing at Expo 2017, in Astana (Kazakhstan).


    A Delta WASP 2040 traveled to Astana, Kazakhstan last August. The capital city of the state that works as connecting point between Europe and Asia,  harbours  Expo 2017, and  the one who has taken there our Delta WASP 2040 is 3D ART Revolution of Potenza, a 360-degree workshop on 3D printing and WASP partner.

    The  Matera Stones

    "We got the assignment for the layout of the pavilion dedicated to the Italian region in the Expo 2017,  from the Basilicata Region - says Sergio Lo Sardo of 3D ART Revolution. Basilicata was linked in particular to the promotion of Matera 2019, a city designated as the European Capital of Culture, so we  were invited to make a project on this subject. The Expo as well was dedicated to innovation, new technologies and energy saving, so the Region has thought of us as a lab of innovative processes."


    The Delta WASP 2040, the most manoeuvrable and easily transportable printer, began to produce, under the carefull visitors' eyes,  the skyline's miniature images of Matera stones together with any kind of objects – at the same time a backstage screen showed, images of daily work in the 3D ART Revolution lab.


    So much interest in 3D printing

    "There was a lot of curiosity, because Kazakhstan with its autonomy , is now an evolving country, coming out from a marginal trade-position caused by the restricted Russian governement, that has kept the country far away from the new technology  for a long time, and is trying to recover the lost time and to  develop these possibilities in the best way. It is a country rich of raw materials but still lacking in advanced technological expertise, infact many businessmen came to visit us in order to understand how a 3D printer works. Moreover – Mr. Sardo continues - even our politicians have been satisfied. We can state we have been successful  in the Padiglione Italia: really a large quantity of people came just to see the 3D printer. We have transformed this curiosity into a series of meetings with the several businessmen . We wanted to understand which are their needs in order to develop innovative processes in the best way possible: it's not easy to create a business in a country like this, but it's a great challenge."

    3D ART Revolution is a franchise brand that allows you to open a "modern" mini-factory with low investment; the goal is to create a widespread 3D printing service network across the country,  offering all the services coming from the 3D printing technology;  real mini 3D factories, small local factories and development centers for new projects close to citizens.

    A large 3D printing center is created

    It has been opened by WASP together with the network of Italian and foreign retailers to introduce the new machines and the new extrusion systems

    Two days to inaugurate a large new WASP space, an event organized to show live the 3d printer artistic aspect and to inform which direction the 3D printer producer intends to follow. WASP has invited the network of its retailers, both Italian and foreign, to share innovations and development visions with those who accompany and support the project. In fact, Wasp thinks that the relationship among the people in the area is fundamental, an opportunity to collect questions and to reinforce the contact with the companies.

    The demand drives the development direction

    The new warehouse of nearly one thousand square meters, which is in via Castelletto 104 A / B in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna), was originally intended to host the production department of the 3D printing company, but as WASP founder, Massimo Moretti explained, ideas come while working and it's always the demand that drives development: "We started putting the machines here because we had to create a scenery for a show that will take place at the Opera House in Rome -  Moretti said -  the first theater stage 3D printed. Later on, and step by step, we realized that we like this place like this and what is taking shape is a large 3D printing center".

    Big 3D printing with Delta WASP 3MT

    New products and new dimensions

    Research, innovation, development, study of new materials, launching new products, new dimensions. This is the group's direction and the real added value of WASP, which has hard worked for one year to renovating its products in order to meet the market requirements. During the meeting, the new extrusion systems were presented and illustrated: Spitfire System, Zen Dual Extruder. Also the new machines have been introduces : the speedest  Delta WASP 2040 TURBO2, the elegant industrital line with Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL  and finally the Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL. These are innovations that required many technical insights and it was important to inform WASP's network of dealers about the choices made.

    The new 3D Printers line by WASP

    Market requirements still uncovered

    "Our job is to look at everything that can be done with these printers at the moment," said Moretti, recalling that "Research takes shape thanks to the understanding of potentialities by everybody. Each of us has contacts with someone who might be interested in particular applications where only 3D printers can be successful.  The customers very often anticipate our research, ie.: asking us to make a scenary for a theater, or a statue or the hull of an engine ... The good thing is that we are making machines that can respond to any market need - requirements never covered before".

    Spitfire Extrusion System

    A space for everybody

    These machines may have different ways-out and the new WASP space also wants to become an area where you can see what can be done, watch machines running, ask if a certain thing can be achieved. "This is actually a space for everyone. All people who wants to watch, touch with hands, can come here and receive answers to their questions", Massimo concluded.

    A large 3D printing center created by WASP

    A Delta WASP 2040 in Damasco: the second phase of Click4all in Siria

    The work of Asphi foundation (from Bologna) at the ZAM Center in Damascus, continues. With the arrival of DeltaWASP in 2017, a new creative possibility-world opens for the disabled children and their parents.

    A Delta WASP 2040 is going to Damascus, in Syria, to ZAM, the rehabilitation center supporting Syrian disabled children. With the starting of the new year, the second part of the Asphi Foundation project takes place, a project run with the cooperation of Roman Armadilla, and Unicef, in the areas affected by war.

    Click4all in Siria

    Thanks to the Click4all kit, which we have already talked about in our blog (more>>), little patients with several disabilities, both physical and cognitive, have successfully used computers, played listened to music, and drawn. It’s a cheap virtual Kit, that allows people to compensate disability,   with aids realized with cheap materials like modeling clay, aluminium foil or even fruit, playing with shapes and colors: a pear can easily become a funny mouse easy to use.

    New technologies and many wishes: these the results of the first step of the project

    One of the problems that a war area, like Syria, is forced to face, is the experts missing: specialized staff like teachers, healthcare assistants, supporting staff, physiotherapists, etc. don’t exist in these areas. This is why Asphi works directly with children's parents and with volunteers from ZAM center, who devote to improve children's  life.

    The results are surprising: “We were amazed by the first project result” Luca Enei, Asphi’s technical responsible, tells. “we have personally experienced that when the need is strong, people roll up their sleeves: a under bombs mother, who has never seen a computer, has already learned everything after three months. Each expectation has been overcome and now with the introduction of 3D printer, we expect big developments and news.” Now we have performed with this kit only in Syria and in some Italian rehabilitating centers,  but in the coming year  the project is a start up, a work in progress. “we work with the same aim of WASP: to realize easy, low cost and customized supports or let everybody use new technologies. The actual commercial products are standard ones, not so easy to be adjusted:  we are working on customizing because we think that this is the right direction to take”.

    From Project ton 3Dprinting: new boundaries for ZAM children

    If the first step of this project was oriented to software use, with the second step we face the hardware-world. The challenge is to give parents all necessary knowledge to use a DeltaWASP 20 40, and we bet the passion won’t miss.


    Four Operators have already learned to use it in the last months in Lebanon, Beirut because due to security reasons, it’s not possible to guarantee a stable permanence on Syrian territory, so the training takes place at distance and continues through skype-meeting. Now the printer goes to Damascus’ mothers. It will be possible to build simple and important educational objects, games, and supports realized with poor materials (handles or grips to hold pens, brushes, or forks).



    “A new World opens from an educational point of view, Enei continues-. Let’s think to blind men: braille writing connected to particular objects, tactile supports reproducing commands. The field is very wide: it’s now time of creativity. We are curious to know how this journey is going on”.

    3DiTALY and WASP reward the young design-talents

    The  contest “Una seduta per 3DiTALY” , promoted by 3DiTALY Pescara in collaboration with WASP,  ended with the victory of  Vincenzo Fantini -  The joined projects were more than one hundred, seven were the  finalists who attended  the 3D printing- intensive laboratory  performed with  Delta WASP 3MT.

    “Mould” is the name of a resistant, elegant, flexible and ergonomic chair, realised just in one single  PLA block by Vincenzo Fantini, young winner of the contest “A seat for 3DiTALY". Thanks to his creation, Vincenzo has won a 3D Delta WASP 2040 printer, with whom he will be able to shape his future projects.


    A call for a new design concept

    Aim of the contest for dreamers and designers, was the projecting of a seat to be entirely 3D printed – or realized with 3d printed parts to be assembled the one with the other or with other material parts,  to form a chair;   an easily printable shape chair but above all  functional, intelligent, usable:   the purpose, shared by WASP,  is to promote new technology-use in the standard projecting process to obtain, independently, original objects which can be integrated in every day life.

    It's a big change: thanks to 3Dprinting, you can create by your own – your personal furniture, you can think and bring forth to new, more effective and sustainable living solutions.


    One hundred projects and seven finalists for a 3d printing full-immersion

    The proposal has triggered a big interest: more than 100 projects of any kind and shape, have arrived, many strange but clever, accurated and practical, from a chair for children that if upsidedown can become a rocking, to  the mono-block chair for outdoors that solves the water stagnation in case of rain. The seven selected finals have attended a two days full-immersion performing with our Delta WASP 3MT:  on 11th and 12th November the designers have been driven to the modelling and finalisation of the project for the chair 3D printing in real size; a unique opportunity which allowed the participants to experience the innovative technology of the pellet extruder developed by WASP.

    Delta WASP 3MT : contest protagonist

    The meeting has engaged and excited the audience, with its live 3D printing performed with a big size Delta WASP (3m. high), a surprising  multi tools machine, speed and versatile, able to bring forth to furniture, furniture parts or any other kind of objects under everybody's eyes . With this stimulating contest opportunity, WASP has contributed to promote self-production culture  in the furniture components field – moving a little more onward  the borders of 3Dprinting world.

    As further confirmation, during the 13th November award-ceremony, occured during the new 3DiTALY headquarter inauguration in Pescara, one of the biggest decorating element ever printed in Italy,  has been realised.


    From Massa Lombarda to Spain: the first WASP Hub is opening in Madrid

    WASP moves outside Massa Lombarda, and outside Italy too: the first WASP HUB is opening in Madrid, and this is the first step of a long way to go. The opening will take place during Mini Maker Faire di Madrid, on 24th and 25th of September at Medialab-Prado.


    The person in charge for the Spanish WASP Hub is Gianluca Pugliese, known as Owen: WASP partner, artist and maker, with his Delta WASP 2040 TURBO he creates fascinating light paintings, mixing photography and 3D-printing.;


    This is just a beginning

    WASP strongly believes in this project to whom is working from some months. Soon other Hubs, similar to the Spanish one, will open in Italy and abroad. One of Hubs characteristics is using, showing and selling furniture and décor  directly made with WASP printers, following the philosophy of the company founded by Massimo Moretti: promoting personalization and self-production for individual and collective improvement.

    Spain: an interesting Country, a promising market

    “On January I moved to Madrid, and after few months I came up with the idea of the WASP point in Spain, the first one ever”, Gianluca says. “I started planning the project with Massimo Moretti and Roberto Montesi, WASP sales manager. Together we started thinking about the place structure and organization. In the meanwhile, I kept on producing with my WASP 20 40 Turbo, taking part to fairs and events all along the Country, getting in touch with the interest and the knowledge of this field”. Gianluca’s survey brings good results: “In Spain is better to bet on clay because of a strong and rooted tradition in ceramic - he explains -. For example, I created a software able to generate a vase starting from plant details and data: the flower plans its own vase, the most suitable one; this is the idea. When I presented the project in a fair, the emeritus king and present Madrid mayor came to see it”.

    WASP Hub: not a simple shop

    Actually WASP Hub won’t be a simple shop - Gianluca clarifies -: it is going to be the official WASP supply point in Spain, a wholesale selling point and an assistant center, a showroom for clients and dealers where you can find WASP machines and also a 3D-printed objects exposition, in order to understand and clearly realize what these machines are able to do”.

    And that’s not all: WASP Hub will be also an information center to spread maker and 3D-printing culture encouraging curiosity and interest both for people who already know this sector, and for who doesn’t, and possibly just meet it in the shop for the first time.“We will arrange some presentation to show the machines mode of operation, we will organize clay printing courses at recreational and professional levels, and finally we will get in touch with companies, institutions, research centers and universities. We want the 3d-printing to make a qualitative leap: now it is quite common in Spain, but not at high levels. And then, with our work we would like to persuade people to open new WASP Points, in Spain and abroad”.

    Info:  www.wasp3d.es


    The Milanese FabLab Opendot and WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) are offering a professional course that will focus on all aspects of BIG 3D designs. Participants will learn how to design models for extra-large printers (with an operational volume of one cubic meter); they can be used to print chairs, lamps, toys, tools and accessory items that would otherwise be impossible….

    3D Summer School organized by Opendot in collaboration with Gianluca Pugliese, WASP, Alessandro Ranellucci / Slic3r, Dario Pizzigoni / TreeD Filaments

    18-22 July 2016

    c/o BASE Milano, via Bergognone 34

    Technology hub 2016 su Repubblica.it

    Minute 2:34 WASP project and 3d printing cement at Repubblica.it

    Open Day WASP - European Maker Week

    An open day dedicated to the public exhibition of projects and activities of the last few months. During the event will be shown the 3D Ceramic Lab and the Pellet Printer Lab utilized for furnitures projects.



    Wednesday 01/06/16

    from 10:00 till 16:00.

    in WASP

    CSP srl - Viale Giulio Zaganelli, 26, 48024 Massa Lombarda RA, Italia

    For more information about the event, please, click here.


    TEDxLUISS (r)evolution: WASP video speech

    Friday, May 6, 2016 , Speech by Massimo Moretti at TEDxLUISS, Rome.

    During the day students, teachers , innovators are involved to share with the public visions and proposals on this ( r ) evolution.

    Lama Alak Rinpoche in WASP

    Incontro con il Lama Alak Rinpoche in WASP 2

    Lama Alak Rinpoche  in WASP. 

    We will exchange views about the Shamballa Project and the knowledge-sharing topic.


      Here you can find more information about Lama Alak Rinpoche.

    Call for papers "Riabilitare la terra", Macerata 20-21 maggio 2016

    WASP will take part to the Call for papers organized by Associazione Internazionale Città della Terra Cruda submitting with the project of a technological village in adobe buildings builded with the BIG DELTA 3D printer WASP.


    For more information and submit to the call click here.

    Designers meet 3D Printing

    It’s a 12 hours no-stop marathon where designers work designing and prototyping a piece of forniture with WASP 3D printers. The event will take place at FabLab Venice in partnership with Wasp and there will also be one of us. The best project will be made by WASP and showed in our next events.

    You can find more information here and the agenda here.

    Registration open till 25/03/16, hurry up!

    Shamballa - Rigodon Theatre


    Rigodon Theatre

    Written and directed by Alessandro Cavoli

    With Eleonora Cantarini, Ugo Carlini, Lorenzo Cordara, Anna Mingarelli,Alessandro Cavoli.

    Music by Mattia Caroli e i fiori del male

    Video: Ugo Carlini, Francesca Moretti, Nicola Schiavarelli

    With the partecipation of Quinto Veda

    Shamballa is about the way of realization, the dualism between dream and reality and the power that moves the actualization of the thought. It’s the tale of a man that is searching the ideal and concrete realization of a perfect city. The performance is inspired by the Massimo Moretti’s concept of the city of Tomorrow, from the myth of the city of Shamballa, from Borges, Calvino, and by the character of Apollonius of Tyana (the first westerner that travelled searching the city of Shamballa). Shamballa like a huge installation: theatre, dance, video, live music. The performance born from the suggestion of the Big Delta 12 m, that became a stage machinery, a theatre. We elaborate “the new” looking to the stage machinery from the Greek drama, to the refined baroque theatre elaboration, arriving today to a machine that is also a theatre space. This rehearsal, that we want to share with the audience, will take place on Saturday 19 September at 9 p.m.

    Teatro Rigodon _Produzioni precedenti _ Riccardo III - L'incubo del potere

    BigDelta WASP 12 meters - The Reality of dream

    La Realtà del Sogno

    We made it. The BigDelta, a 12 meters tall 3D printer, took shape and it's going to be presented to the world.

    We announce that the launch will be on the 18th, 19th and 20th of September, during an inauguration event which will be in Massa Lombarda, near WASP headquarters, where everything begun.

    The researches that we developed to build the BigDelta 12 meters led us to improve our compact 3D printers, we always said it:

    the way is looking far and working near.

    We owe a lot to this project in this sense too, it was the engine that powered the enthusiasm and the research in the last three years. This important landmark is not the end of our path, our dream became wider.

    Our new goal is Maker Economy.

    Maker Economy is a new model where everything can be produced by yourself, where there is the chance of not depending on some unsurmountable entity that holds the productive monopoly. WASP is the acronym of World's Avanced Saving Project and our research is focused on the common welfare and shared knowledge. It is not necessary to be great to have great topics, our big goals are the sense of our work.

    House, work and food, health, are what a man need to live.

    These are the themes of "Reality of dream", the meeting that we're organizing on the 18th, 19th, 20th of September, in Massa Lombarda. This gathering will be a precious moment for sharing ideas and celebrate this important milestone.

    We will update this page with the program of the event of BigDelta 12m launch and other contents.

    The enthusiasm grows, the purpose is ambitious.

    Wasproject connects to Shamballa's energies, the travel toward the perfect city began.

    See more>> BigDelta 12m - the History


    BigDelta WASP experiments new materials in Barcelona

    An intense week full of print tests at Constumat event, hosted by IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) in Barcelona was the circumstance to experiment different materials and mixtures with our BigDelta.

    The continuous research on materials is the key for the uninterrupted implementation and improvement of our printers: a modified version of our cochlea extruder with rotating nozzle permits a better deposition of fibers, which can be present in an higher percentage in the mixture.

    Thanks to the new version of the extruder we printed a chair made of wood paste, by using a mixture made of liquid glue, flour and sawdust.

    A local craftman provided us with a recycled material fiber that he uses in his works, we printed it with a concrete paste.

    Another live experimentation was the one we made with mushrooms mycelium: we extruded a support to make it grow. Mycelium is the focus of many green building projects, this 100% compostable material is an ecceptional insulating and it is more resistant than concrete. It can be used, just like in our case, to reinforce the structure, in which it forks.

    We thank IAAC for having involved us and all the people who collaborated with us in these days, during the live exsperimentation and the operative research.


    Delta WASP 2040 become TURBO


    While we were projecting and building the BigDelta printer, we bumped in a huge problem that we never met before: the control board (Arduino Mega) didn’t afford the amount of data that are necessary to move the motor’s axes.

    It seems impossible that a processor which controls 16 logical states, with a calculation speed of 16 millions cycles per second, for a total of 256 millions operations, can’t control the mechanical part.

    Paying more attention, however, a Delta printer executes 200 square roots per millimeter for each axe (and we have three axes, plus the extruder). We noticed that Delta configuration needs a huge amount of data to work, and it was for this reason that our BigDelta, several meters tall, was printing jerky and the display update was late.

    We were blocked in this situation and we needed to push hour research out of open source world, to sail in a see where nobody did.

    In fact in open source you can’t find more powerful boards: who developed one doesn’t share it. Many people make full use of shared knowledge but very few of them share innovation.

    WASP incudes Dennis Patella between his coworkers. Dennis is a real innovator, he disassembled Marlin program and ricomposed it for our purpose. The mission seemed to be impossible, just like the ones we like more: a RISC processor with 32 bit and 82 millions operations per second, for a total amount of 2624 millions operations per second can do what ten old processors do.

    The work is hard: this processors need a three volt source to avoid overheating and energy wastefullness. So motor’s drivers need to be resized just like the mosfet of peripheral’s control and the marks of analogical-digital “comparatori”.

    When play becomes hard a Wasper neves steps back, on the contrary, in these situations he shows the best part of him. Therefore Dennis, Roberto and Massimo redesigned the board and assembled it on a Delta 20 40.

    As it happened for Resurrection System, we tried to solve some Big Delta’s issues and we found new solutions to emprove our small size solid printers. DeltaWASP 20 40, strong and resistant as it is, was fitting the new board’s calculation power, leaving everybody astonished.

    What was happening was a real fight between electronics and mechanical: speed was increasing and acceleration was growing of 150%, 200%, 300%, 400%, 500%... from the 3000 mm/s² we were used to, to 5000, 10,000, 20,000  mm/s².

    DeltaWASP 20 40 manages several millions data per seconds, executing them completely. It seemed like it was going to fly.

    The green rubber bands which distinguish our suspended extruder (Creative Commons protected) and the whole Delta’s features make this kind of results possible. Movement speed up to 1000 mm/s and acceleration up to 20,000 mm/s².

    The enthusiasm was at the top when we understood we were in front of one of the fastest printer in the world. pheraps the fastest.

    At the 3D Print Hub in Milano, WASP will present the DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo version. The printer was already one of the fastest in the market and now is the first that reaches 1000 mm/s.
    The group, that is working on the development on the BigDelta (a tall robot 3D printer, designed in order to build houses with ecological and 0km building materials) faced the necessity of having a more powerful electronic board and processor in order to move the arms of the printer at high speed and with a better fluidity of movements. From this need, start the new project of WASP: the modification of the firmware that command the printer (Marlin), a re-designed pcb board with a 32 bit RISC processor able to do 82 million operation per second.
    “In the open source world we didn't find more powerful boards: all firmware are for Arduino Mega. This has forced us to take a great work of 'discovery and development' that we share in open source. We know the valuable knowledge that we have been donated by the community until now” says Massimo Moretti, WASP founder.
    The Waspers have tried this powerful board on one DeltaWASP 20 40. The result was incredible: with 250-300 mm/s of travel speed, with the implementation Turbo the speed can grow up to 1000 mm/s. Thanks to the characteristic of the DeltaWASP 20 40, the precision remain the same.
    The discoveries in WASP are almost monthly, the group in fact re-invest into research a big amount of the gains from the sale of 3D printers. An Italian company that contributes to the sharing of the knowledge and to the diffusion of instruments, with the intent to allow , through the 3D printing , to initiate a real production.
    Meanwhile, the invitation is for Milan, 5, 6, 7 March, to see one of the fastest FFF printer in the world, pheraps the fastest.
    Info: www.wasproject.it

    Eurochocolate / EXPO 2015 Cocoa & Chocolate Cluster

    Here we are! Expo2015

    Eurochocolate / EXPO 2015 Cocoa & Chocolate Cluster

    Ceramic art and 3D printing - sperimentations

    Ceramic art and 3D printing merge in our sperimentations. Here we have a photo gallery by WASP which illustrates this charming relation with some substantial images.

    Alternative materials for 3D printing characterize our research, which is evolving towards bigger sizes and always producing unxpected results in the path. In this path, energies meet and link from all over the world. Here we have the synergy of ceramic masters that join 3D innovation.

    Between the ones in the photo there are several pieces designed by the English artist Jonathan Keep, who modulated ambient sound and printed them with a DeltaWASP. A lucky meeting the one with Ivo Sassi, a ceramic master who is known all over the world. He was so moved from our work that he wanted to fire the pieces and finish them.

    3D printing offers new chances and unreleased solutions to big artists creativity.



    .stl and .gcode from Jonathan Keep  / 3d printing by Wasproject / material: white clay / painted and fired by Ivo Sassi 3dprintingclay12 .stl and .gcode from thingiverse / 3d printing by Wasproject / material: white clay / painted and fired by Ivo Sassi 3dprintingclay13

    .stl and .gcode from Jonathan Keep  / 3d printing by Wasproject / material: white clay / painted and fired by Ivo Sassi 3dprintingclay14 .stl and .gcode from Jonathan Keep  / 3d printing by Wasproject / material: white clay / painted and fired by Ivo Sassi 3dprintingclay15 .stl and .gcode from Jonathan Keep  / 3d printing by Wasproject / material: white clay / painted and fired by Ivo Sassi 3dprintingclay16 .stl and .gcode from Jonathan Keep  / 3d printing by Wasproject / material: white clay / painted and fired by Ivo Sassi 3dprintingclay17 .stl and .gcode from Jonathan Keep  / 3d printing by Wasproject / material: white clay / painted and fired by Ivo Sassi 3dprintingclay18 .stl and .gcode from Jonathan Keep  / 3d printing by Wasproject / material: white clay / painted and fired by Ivo Sassi / wet object heigth 68 cm 3dprintingclay7 .stl from thingiverse / 3d print Wasproject/ material: polcelain / painted and fired by Jacopo Vitali 3dprintingclay20

    WASP press release for Rome Maker Faire


    WASP group will expose a giant 3D printer at Rome Maker Fair


    Just two years ago WASP announced his pourpose: printing houses with km0 materials, finding low cost solutions for each territory, to solve the house problems in the world.

    It seemed to be just an utopia but WASP is going to achieve his goal and is going to prove it at Rome Maker Fair, on 3rd, 4th and 5th of October.
    WASP built a 6 meters tall  3D printer to realize clay buildings and it is already on sell.

    “For pratical reasons we will bring to Rome a smaller version, 4 meters tall- explains Massimo Moretti, craftman and real WASP soul- We will print a mixture made of clay and sand. It takes weeks to print a real house, so we will print a smaller building becouse we only have two days. But the print, the mixture and materials have been already tested and they’re working.”
    Seeing this giant printer working will  be an extraordinary experience for faire visitors.


    Self confidence, innovation and research characterize WASP. The project is self-financing by spreading technologies and knowledge to change the general approach to work, even creating work. The 3D printers for polymeric materials line is between the most precise and fast in the world, and finances WASP’s research, by giving to little and middle dimension industies instruments for rapid prototypes.


    “We have a big goal and we work everyday in little things to achieve it - continues Moretti- We created first commerciable extruders for clay, porcelain and ceramic, to give the chance of producing objects which have functionality and commerce value. Thanks to clay printing it is possible a real self-made production that is practical and commerciable.
    “Work and progress are the cornerston of our thought” concludes Massimo Moretti.
    By the way, WASP is the acronym of World Advanced Saving Project.


    Don't loose the show at marquee B, stands 9-10-101 at Rome Maker Faire #MFR14


    Delta 40 70: from microscopic to macroscopic

    Wasp aims at macroscopic dimensions but we also invest on microscopic ones (till 2 mm), because dimension is one of  the variables that open new work chances.

    Our propensity to give real answers bring us to find technicals solutions to get closer to digital handicraft and little and medium industries that need to realize prototypes, but not only: with Delta 40 70 it is possible to realize a real production. With Delta 40 70 a lot of things can be realized: pottery, mannequins, illuminating products made of ceramic or porcelain and scenographic objects for example.

    Thanks to 1.75 extruder it is posssible to print from microscopic to macroscopic with the same  machine. 3D printing gives true chances in this way, everybody can give a shape to their ideas, even invent a real job.

    Dimensioni s a theme that opens the door to new applications, even if the seems to be far today they will be reality in a short time. 3D printing gives true chances in this way, everybody can give a shape to their ideas, even invent a real job.

    Dimensioni s a theme that opens the door to new applications, even if the seems to be far today they will be reality in a short time.


    In this moment Nicola Samorì, an internationally known artist, is realizing his second piece of work using our Delta 40 70. I twill be 2,50m tall and the lightness of the material creates a sort of short circuit with the huge dimensions. Here we have a new fronteer of art wich meets a new technology, A thousand of fresh ideas come to the light.


    In a few days an article about Samorì new work! Follow us!



    This vase was printed with a Delta 40 70,
    with a PLA filament 1.75,
    nozzle 0.7,
    printing time: 8 hours.
    If you want to try to reproduce it here we have our gcode and Thingiverse link, where we took the .stl

    Missione germogli ad Alcatraz

    Eccoci ad Alcatraz.
    Dal 24 al 27 aprile un corso di progettazione e stampa in 3D con tema "cibo".


    A cena il gruppo chiede: "Jacopo, com'è questo progetto?!"
    Jacopo Fo sofferma lo sguardo e si da il tempo di pensare un secondo, repentino risponde: " Questo progetto è.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH", e tutti a ridere.

    L'oggetto della progettazione è stato un "germogliatore" autoprodotto con acqua corrente fresca a nutrimento dei germogli.
    L'idea era quella di creare una forma che potesse accoglie il concetto di caduta e gocciolamento dell'acqua, come succede naturalmente ad una pianta sotto la pioggia.
    Il gruppo si muove dall'idea alla realizzazione della stessa attraversando vari argomenti progettuali, dalla forma dei piani, alla struttura, al funzionamento della pompa. La sinergia di gruppo fa si che il concept si trasformi in oggetto reale.
    Accettata la sfida e stabilito lo "scheletro" del progetto si va avanti nel perfezionamento di vari aspetti, alcuni estetici in stretta relazione alla funzione della forma, altri tecnici di scorrimento dell'acqua in relazione alla tipologia di seme da utilizzare.
    Il gruppo si è dimostrato dinamico e reattivo, comprensivo ed attento alle proposte di tutti i partecipanti. Questo ci ha fatto guadagnare tempo, è stata partorita un'altra ipotesi di germogliatore dove si introduce l'utilizzo della fresa combinata a giunti stampati, il protagonista di questo modello è il vapore che sale dal basso verso l'alto.
    Arriviamo a conclusione di queste giornate intense con la prova di funzionamento.. e... FUNZIONA!
    Ci lasciamo con alcuni obbiettivi, costruire una pompa ad hoc. Introdurre un timer per regolare il flusso o utilizzare Arduino. Sperimentare con l'utilizzo di un pannello solare.
    Tutto questo in funzione all'analisi delle fasi di germogliazione dei semi.
    Ora il germogliatore funzionate è ad Alcatraz, saranno gli abitanti di questo magico luogo a mangiarne i primi frutti, o meglio, germogli!
    Signori, non finisce qui. Aspettiamo immagini a riguardo (la natura ha i suoi tempi, capitela) che ci mostreranno i germoglietti vivi.. che nascono..
    Bello questo tuffo in mezzo alla verdissima Alcatraz nel cuore del verde più verde.
    Bello il gruppo di progettazione, e bella l'estrema serietà e interesse nei confronti dell'obbiettivo finale (che poteva anche non funzionare), Bravi!
    Bella questa Alcatraz dove la mente viaggia libera e l'aria è cosparsa da risate colorate, cinguettii, colorati animaletti di Jacopo Fo. Realtà già consigliata, ma ve la RIconsiglio, adate a scoprire cos'è alcatraz www.alcatraz.it e se potete, metteteci il naso.

    Che questo germogliatore germogli e faccia germogliare. (Bel tema per un'inizio).



    ecco il link al nostro album su facebook
    ed ecco il link alla pagina facebook di Alcatraz
    Link a thingiverse

    Grazie a tutti, tutti tutti.
    Team WASP!



    Makers Italy

    Just came back from "Robotica" and "makers Italy" in Milan. Busy days printing stuff, meeting people! We've met Alessandro Ranellucci, the Slic3r developer, and Josef Prusa, open source 3D printing starting point with RepRap; two of the many people that inspired us to proceed with the project. As well we've been lucky enough to meet the Vectorealism guys with whom we've shared this experience. We were also amazed by an awesome vertical plotter!

    It's been an important experience especially for the feeling of being part of a community where everyone shares ideas and technology to develop different project and make the world a better place.

    The event was a success, we're sure these meetings are gonna take everyone even more forward!