Protagonist the DeltaWASP 20 40 with 3D ART Revolution to Expo 2017

Potenza Lab, commissioned by the Basilicata Region, presented innovative projects related to 3D printing at Expo 2017, in Astana (Kazakhstan).


A Delta WASP 2040 traveled to Astana, Kazakhstan last August. The capital city of the state that works as connecting point between Europe and Asia,  harbours  Expo 2017, and  the one who has taken there our Delta WASP 2040 is 3D ART Revolution of Potenza, a 360-degree workshop on 3D printing and WASP partner.

The  Matera Stones

"We got the assignment for the layout of the pavilion dedicated to the Italian region in the Expo 2017,  from the Basilicata Region - says Sergio Lo Sardo of 3D ART Revolution. Basilicata was linked in particular to the promotion of Matera 2019, a city designated as the European Capital of Culture, so we  were invited to make a project on this subject. The Expo as well was dedicated to innovation, new technologies and energy saving, so the Region has thought of us as a lab of innovative processes."


The Delta WASP 2040, the most manoeuvrable and easily transportable printer, began to produce, under the carefull visitors' eyes,  the skyline's miniature images of Matera stones together with any kind of objects – at the same time a backstage screen showed, images of daily work in the 3D ART Revolution lab.


So much interest in 3D printing

"There was a lot of curiosity, because Kazakhstan with its autonomy , is now an evolving country, coming out from a marginal trade-position caused by the restricted Russian governement, that has kept the country far away from the new technology  for a long time, and is trying to recover the lost time and to  develop these possibilities in the best way. It is a country rich of raw materials but still lacking in advanced technological expertise, infact many businessmen came to visit us in order to understand how a 3D printer works. Moreover – Mr. Sardo continues - even our politicians have been satisfied. We can state we have been successful  in the Padiglione Italia: really a large quantity of people came just to see the 3D printer. We have transformed this curiosity into a series of meetings with the several businessmen . We wanted to understand which are their needs in order to develop innovative processes in the best way possible: it's not easy to create a business in a country like this, but it's a great challenge."

3D ART Revolution is a franchise brand that allows you to open a "modern" mini-factory with low investment; the goal is to create a widespread 3D printing service network across the country,  offering all the services coming from the 3D printing technology;  real mini 3D factories, small local factories and development centers for new projects close to citizens.

WASP at Vision 2017

Mathematically Unpredictable Shape

WASP presents "The Mathematically unpredictable Shape" at Vision 2017. This year we will be protagonists of the event that officially opens up the London Festival of Architecture, a highly anticipated event attended by well-known architects, European designers and their customers.


Invited among the official partners of the London event, WASP will be there with 2 Delta WASP 3MT making series of panels for indoor and outdoor wall coverings.


The panels, as result of a no-stop production (continuous cycle products), are obtained through two different technologies: FDM, a layered deposition of bioplastic or recycled plastics, and LDM, deposition of fluid-dense materials such as ceramic, cement and geopolymers.


Managed by software developed directly by the WASP team, the process of numerical deposition of the material is pushed to the limit of error in order to look for mathematically unpredictable shape.


During “Vision” you will be able to experience live, visitors will interact directly with the panels realization, accompanied by our team in the technical path for construction of panels with interesting aesthetic results.


Vision 2017 will take place at Olympia London on 6-7 June. Last year, the London event was visited by nearly 4,000 people, of whom 37% are architects. These are two days of exhibitions, conferences, innovation-inspired and architectural sustainability events with a special focus on new materials and new techniques.

Find Us at Floor Plan - STAND n° 20


Industrial Quality 4.0, big size printing doubled speed, Spitfire extrusion System

WASP is introducing the industrial line of 3D printers at Technology Hub in Milan. Many are the latest products: 1000 x 1000 mm high resolution printer, Delta Turbo2 with double Kinematics power thanks to a new 32bit industrial board, compatible to industrial wi fi 4.0 connection, new machines compatible with warm room and with an internal ventilation system, air filtering, full metal setting extruder or high ease of movement, self stabilizing double-extruder.

The right extruder for any need: SPITFIRE SYSTEM


Spitfire takes its name from the famous Second World War airplane. It's an innovative system, that throught several configurations, allows to reply to the several printing needs.  It's a guarantee of high quality and sturdy printed pieces, it can be heated up to a 350°C temperature and according to the several needs it can be assembled in 3 different sizes: 0,4; 0,7; 1,2 mm. All the exchange or configuration operations are safe and quick thanks to the Spitfire System. It can print Pla, Petg, Flex, Abs, Pa, HiPs, Asa, Carbon, Plexiglass, Burdened materials, Polypropylene.

The new extruder in the variants Spitfire Black and Spitfire Red can be adjusted on the whole 3D-printers DeltaWASP line.

The Double extruder: ZEN EXTRUDER


Led by the new generation boards, the double extruder can be attributed to materials with different melting temperature or different drop diameters.

Speed and size

DeltaWASP 40 70 Industrial

Printing big size requires high speed printing in addition to reliable high power extrusion systems. WASP has faced these topics re-planning the machines and the printers electronics. At Technology Hub WASP is introducing the new DeltaWASP 40 70 Industrial with a configuration, which can double the speed of a traditional 40 70 and with mechanics suitable for warm room working.

DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo2
DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo2

The DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo2 has improved led by the turbo2 double power motor.

This is just a preview of how WASP is “getting up its sleeve”.  For more detaild information please visit our stand from 20th to 22nd April (Fieramilanocity, Pad. MiCO/Stand G22).

New paths for Industrial 3D printer

WASP draws the Italian way for 4.0 industry at Mecspe

From 23rd to 25th March WASP latest products will be introduced at Mecspe 2017 in Parma. MECSPE is the manufacturing industry reference Exhibition giving a  panning shot on the materials, on the machines and innovative technologies. Wasp has chosen this opportunity to introduce 5 latest products.


The new Delta WASP 2040 TURBO2

This is a revised and improved version of the standard Delta WASP 2040 TURBO, a more and more accurated and reliable 3D printer. With a new  integrated 32bit board of industrial  technology. It is presented with a supply system which can support 2 high power extruders. The new Delta WASP 2040 TURBO2 introduces a new carriage-sliding system improved in speed and accuracy. The room has been better insulated to reach temperature suitable  with the printing of technical materials – furthermore it has a cool system for the engines and the boards  and a kinematics for high temperature. It's introduced with the second optional extruder.

New line 3D Industrial printers 


The standard model has been revised, its is fully realized in metal, with a heated room  at forced ventilation , insulated by the outside from temperature and noise. The new Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL It has been provided with new integrated system and new mechanics able to work in warm room. It allows the printing of technical materials printable only in warm room.



It's the industrial interpretation of the Delta WASP 3MT, with an acoustic and thermal insulated room. Its metallic body is completely closed in order to avoid any vibration during the printing process. The new Delta WASP 3MT INDUSTRIAL reaches high quality outward printings equivalent to those of little size printers but with a printing area  risen to the cube. A pellet extruder can be adjusted on this machine to print big size products with nozzles of even 3 mm diam. On the other hand you can use also filaments with  extruders of 0,4; 0,7; 1,2mm diameter.


New Extruders

For the filament printing WASP introduces two new extruders at Mecspe.

Spitfire, able to lay up to 30m wire per hour. A very accurated extruder to print from little to big products very quickly.


Zen Extruder, a double extruder essential for the multi materials printing, equipped with a cleaning system and a nozzle-variable-hight-system, controlled directly by the machine movement.

WASP is waiting for you at Pad.6 Stand K032, in Parma Fair, from 9:00 to 17:30 and on Saturday from 9,00 to 17:00.

WASP presents Delta WASP 3MT in England and United States

After the preview  at Additive Manufacturing Europe in Amsterdam last June, WASP officially presents Delta WASP 3MT in England and in the United States.  There are three appointments scheduled for this week: TCT Show Birmingham, Digical Londra, Maker Faire New York.

Big dimensions printing

Delta WASP 3MT is a self-production instrument used to create big dimensions objects (one cubic meter maximum), freely and personalized. It can print furniture like chairs, tables, lamps, coat racks, umbrella stands. Moreover, it is an ideal tool for designers and architects, technical schools, universities, research centers. Another application is in the automotive field.

In its original version, the machine prints granular plastic. By changing the tool, DeltaWASP3MT can also print dense fluids. Furthermore, with a third tool, it can cut wooden or plastic panels.

From here the name “3MT”, acronym that also refers to the machine dimensions. A very important innovation consists in the possibility of printing recycled materials. WASP sells the machine both in the basic model and with different functions tools.

Maker Economy

Therefore, WASP carries on in Maker Economy line, following a research work that seeks to human being health and independence. The project starts from strong motivations and comes true in a house that frees the human being, a house that can be built without debts, using materials from the local territory, planned not only to be lived, but also to produce energy, food and resources.

In addition to MT3, WASP brings at the fair the results of the research conducted during this year at Shamballa Technological Village, where BigDelta WASP 12MT is creating the first house made in clay and straw printed in 3D and where, day by day, very important information are collected. Next step will be the presentation of Maker Economy Starter Kit, a container that includes all the needed knowledge and instruments to build a self-sufficiency house. But this is the project that WASP will bring in preview at Maker Faire di Roma, from  14th to 16th of October  and that soon will be presented in details.

WASP opens up to new ways for Contemporary Ceramic Art

The Digital Revolution at the service of Art and Sculpture. New Approaches to understand the Pottery Production.

WASP returns to Argillà to show the future of Ceramics: turning Ancient craft techniques into 3D Technology. Argillà it’s the International Ceramics Festival in Faenza – Italy - where every two years Potteries, Artists and Ceramic Experts from wherever in the world come to meet each other.

During Argillà 2016, WASP will present Delta WASP 3MT a new 3-metre-high printer, able to produce 1-metre-high sculptures due to a new extruder and a clay mixture specially formulated for 3D printing with low risk of collapse.

The digital revolution in Ceramics

Massimo Moretti, WASP’s CEO, says: “The pottery’s wheel arrival has been a substantial innovation for the History of Ceramic and opened up to new possibilities of expressiveness and performance. Today the 3D Printing is the new Revolution.

A Technology able to transform the crafting rules. To diversify the shapes, turning nimbly from a geometrical structure to the freedom of sculptural approach. A wide range of possibilities that with software open source could be achieved easily managing critical aspects of the manual labor. Due to 3D Technology the objects thickness will never be a problem again, controlling the infill the artist will be totally involved in the post-production phase.

The new extruder

A big Printer with a New Extrusion System LDM WASP Extruder able to sustain 15kg of clay. It’s the clay extruder the big news of the event.

Massimo Moretti, says: "After the launch of the first professional clay extruder for consumer printers that we showed during the last Argillà Edition, we’ve produced a new model able to extrude in a few time full scale objects. So we have designed a printer able to move till 15kg of material.” WASP has produced a printer designed to hold the weight of 20kg when it’s full. The 3MT works with an Automatic Recharge System and a 7-millimeters-diameter nozzle for big clay objects never printed before. It’s also been developed a new clay mixture specially formulated for 3D printing with low risk of collapse.

Art and 3D printing

Massimo Moretti says: “We are interested in Ceramic experimentation to open a window in Sculpture and Contemporary Ceramic. We are very proud of our results. Obviously, it’s the first step of the research process and we will improve the research during the next months."

WASP proves once again to be interested in Arts after many years of collaboration with International Artists. In this occasion will be at the stand the Artist Francesco Pacelli. It will be possible to see some Art Works and a work in progress printed with a Delta WASP 4070. A printer that has achieved a resounding success in Cultural Heritage, such as the recent experience at the Pompeii Archeological Site.

Ceramic art and 3D printing >>

Olfattiva’s perfumes

WASP believes in the promotion of the DIY, in eco-friendly projects and environmentally-aware Companies, so will host into the stand Olfattiva that works with Botanical Perfumery and Aromatherapy.

The two teams have recently worked to create a Limited Ediction of 3D printed porcelain bottles that will contain handmade perfumes with essential oil, produced by Olfattiva.

Olfattiva revalues ancient techniques of distillation and perfume composition, WASP uses tradictional materials such as porcelain to create an innovative and custom made product.

The peach pit

In collaboration with the Massa Lombarda Municipality, it’s started an important project for the development of the local culture. During the event, it will be printed with a Delta WASP 2040 a small model of the ceramic sculpture made for a new traffic circle in Massa Lombarda. L'Enma – “the soul” – a huge peach pit 3D printed in porcelain to represent a symble of the local heritage.


WASP will be in piazza del Popolo - Faenza, from 2nd to 4th September 2016.

WASP at AM SHOW EUROPE in Amsterdam

Our Stand with elements 3D printed with Delta WASP 3MT pellet , Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016, the trade fair for the additive manufacturing/3D printing industry in Amsterdam.

 ...But perhaps the most remarkable of all the large scale 3D printers on display in Amsterdam was the Delta WASP 3MT, 3D printer by Italian 3D printing pioneers WASP

Read the report from Amsterdam on large 3D printers by  >>

Technology hub 2016 su

Minute 2:34 WASP project and 3d printing cement at

Next WASP's events at Exposanità

Don't miss the next WASP's events during Exposanità

WASPMEDICAL: maker economy stampa 3D e biomedicale.

(Special Guest Ing. Marco Avaro and Dott. Lelio Leoncini)

15:30 - 16:30

Sala Convegni

Collaborazione online e stampa 3D per una biomedica accessibile a tutti.

14:30 - 18:30

Room Rossini Amezzato Padd. 21/22

Here some photos from the Stand with our new 3D printed furnitures, strictly Maker Style!

Waiting for you at MECSPE!

We will be at MECSPE - Parma again, the fair about technologies for innovation.
We invite you to come and see WASP's news and projects at our stand.
Come to see working our:
4070 e 60100 DELTA WASP
Come to meet us at the fair! You'll find us in the Addictive Manufacturing area
Pad. 6 – Corsia: L – Post. 17

For more information about the fair click here.

How you can receive a free ticket:

Send an email to with your name, surname and email address (remember that to utilize two or more names for the same email address is forbidden) you'll receive a free ticket for the fair.



WASP at MADEexpo: 3D Printing

for fully sustainable housing

From March 18th to the 21st WASP will be at the MADEexpo exhibit in Milan. This is not the first housing fair the Italian group is attending but it is the first where the BigDelta- the 4 meters tall house 3D printer, prototype of the upcoming 12 meter tall final version will use the new extruder with a rotating nozzle to print using several different cement mixtures. WASP’s goal remains that of 3D printing a fully sustainable house, and more surprising news are on the way.
The contribution that 3D technology can offer the construction sector is significant, starting from small complements such as fountains or capitals all the way to the manufacturing of complete inhabitable structures, which would reduce production times and costs.

The WASPteam green inspiration has been a common thread since the very start and Massimo Moretti, the project’s founder, emphasizes the risk of the abuse of 3D printing in construction work: “3D printing is a technology that offers several advantages. Implementing it with old and polluting materials such as traditional cement could lead to an exponential degeneration: tens of houses could be built in just one day and the potential of 3D printing could be exploited for speculative ends. We need to pay very close attention to the kind of research we want to take forward.”

WASP is not looking for a compromise. The project of 3D printing a house using clay material remains the main focus of its experimentation: the final objective of which is a healthy approach to house manufacturing, using only materials available on location, at minimal costs and without residue once it is disposed of.

The most potentially revolutionary innovation is currently being studied to assure that the clay does not shrink as it dries and it involves the use of seeds from certain weeds mixed in with the 3D printable material. The seeds are intended to absorb the clay’s humidity, to then grow and develop their roots into a sort of fully natural embedded “armor”. The habitative structure will thus become a sustainable habitat. The use of the seeds will offer a practical solution to the issue of clay shrinking: the reinforcements produced by the roots will set the material in a more permanent way, thus allowing for it to fully dry without altering its.

At WASP we are experimenting with certain types of plants such as the Bermuda grass, one of the most infesting plant types known to man. The exact type of botanical variety will be selected according to the type of territory and climate, because WASP’s research does, quite literally, take place “on the field”. This idea of “armoring the houses from the inside” using roots, is certainly as innovative as it is imaginative: it will require a long and intense work from the team of botanical, architectural and 3D printing experts that have already began developing the first concepts.



First successful attempts made by di +LAB

photo by +LAB


Eurochocolate / EXPO 2015 Cocoa & Chocolate Cluster

Here we are! Expo2015

Eurochocolate / EXPO 2015 Cocoa & Chocolate Cluster

WASP press release for Rome Maker Faire


WASP group will expose a giant 3D printer at Rome Maker Fair


Just two years ago WASP announced his pourpose: printing houses with km0 materials, finding low cost solutions for each territory, to solve the house problems in the world.

It seemed to be just an utopia but WASP is going to achieve his goal and is going to prove it at Rome Maker Fair, on 3rd, 4th and 5th of October.
WASP built a 6 meters tall  3D printer to realize clay buildings and it is already on sell.

“For pratical reasons we will bring to Rome a smaller version, 4 meters tall- explains Massimo Moretti, craftman and real WASP soul- We will print a mixture made of clay and sand. It takes weeks to print a real house, so we will print a smaller building becouse we only have two days. But the print, the mixture and materials have been already tested and they’re working.”
Seeing this giant printer working will  be an extraordinary experience for faire visitors.


Self confidence, innovation and research characterize WASP. The project is self-financing by spreading technologies and knowledge to change the general approach to work, even creating work. The 3D printers for polymeric materials line is between the most precise and fast in the world, and finances WASP’s research, by giving to little and middle dimension industies instruments for rapid prototypes.


“We have a big goal and we work everyday in little things to achieve it - continues Moretti- We created first commerciable extruders for clay, porcelain and ceramic, to give the chance of producing objects which have functionality and commerce value. Thanks to clay printing it is possible a real self-made production that is practical and commerciable.
“Work and progress are the cornerston of our thought” concludes Massimo Moretti.
By the way, WASP is the acronym of World Advanced Saving Project.


Don't loose the show at marquee B, stands 9-10-101 at Rome Maker Faire #MFR14


Makers Italy

Just came back from "Robotica" and "makers Italy" in Milan. Busy days printing stuff, meeting people! We've met Alessandro Ranellucci, the Slic3r developer, and Josef Prusa, open source 3D printing starting point with RepRap; two of the many people that inspired us to proceed with the project. As well we've been lucky enough to meet the Vectorealism guys with whom we've shared this experience. We were also amazed by an awesome vertical plotter!

It's been an important experience especially for the feeling of being part of a community where everyone shares ideas and technology to develop different project and make the world a better place.

The event was a success, we're sure these meetings are gonna take everyone even more forward!