3D Printing for Construction with Alternative Materials Scientific publication

3D Printing for Construction with Alternative Materials | Scientific publication

Digital Innovations in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

3D Printing for Construction With Alternative Materials is a scientific publication that explores the latest achievements and design possibilities that 3D printing for construction (DPC) can offer, the alternative materials to natural aggregates or cement and even the 4th dimension that is already starting in this area.

Published by Springer as part of the book series: Digital Innovations in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (DIAEC), this publication:

  • Provides cutting-edge information on Industry 4.0
  • Demonstrates that additive manufacturing and 3D printing enhance building processes optimization
  • Addresses the needs of both engineers and architects, researchers and designers

WASP in the edge of 3D Printing

In the third Chapter of the book: WASP in the edge of 3D Printing, Massimo Moretti tells the story of WASP (World's Advanced Saving Project), a company that designs, produces and sells 3D printers Made in Italy all over the world.

Taking inspiration from nature and from the observation of the Potter Wasp, which builds its own nest with material recovered from the surrounding environment, WASP produces large 3D printers able to build houses with natural materials and available on the territory, at a cost tending to zero.

“Small slight thoughts take shape by depositing”

Massimo Moretti usually states; WASP invents, thanks to 3D printing, innovative solutions every day to meet the human needs: food, health, work, energy, art and culture.

Editors and Affiliations:

Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
Bárbara Rangel
Ana Sofia Guimarães,

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
Jorge Lino

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Florianópolis, Brazil
Leonardo Santana

Bibliographic Information

Book Title
3D Printing for Construction with Alternative Materials
Series Title
Digital Innovations in Architecture, Engineering and Construction
Springer Cham
Bárbara Rangel, Ana Sofia Guimarães, Jorge Lino, Leonardo Santana
Building Construction and Design, Innovation and Technology Management, Industrial Management

WASP at TF1 french tv channel

WASP at TF1 of French television

TF1, is the first French television channel for ratings and broadcasts two news bulletins a day, also the most followed in France. TF1 dedicated a video to the construction of the house of one's dreams using 3D printing and eco-sustainable materials. The French troupe came here to WASP to interview Massimo Moretti and to show our technology thanks to Gaia was born in 2018. Our founder told how to give shape to the oldest material in the world, the earth, to give life to new sustainable, solid and safe houses.

Below you can see the entire episode:

100 italian architectural conservation stories prize by symbola e fassa bortolo

100 Italian architectural conservation stories

The prize by Symbola and Fassa Bortolo

WASP is one of the winners of the Symbola foundation and Fassa Bortolo’s prize on 100 Italian architectural conservation stories, in the section material and technology.
A hundred stories about innovation, sustainabiliy and beauty: the aim is to tell the best conservation works in Italian territory in order to enhance the richness of the architecture.

100 italian architectural conservation stories prize by symbola e fassa bortolo

Symbola Foundation

Symbola Foundation for Italian Quality does research, project and events to underline the quality of companies that focus on innovation, creativity and human resources.
In fact, from 2005 Symbola promotes and researches Italian beauties, through key values based on Green economy, Culture and social cohesion. It cooperates with specialized institutions to better analyze italian companies actions and make quality papers.

The WASP winner project

WASP won the prize thanks to his work done in partnership with Parma FabLab and 3D ArcheoLab: the reconstruction of a Kantharos. It is done through non invasive 3D scans. Kantahros was a drinking cup used in V century b.C. by Greek and Etruscan, and this in particular represents Sileno and Menade decorations.
The cup’s copy, printed with Delta WASP 4070, is exhibited in the Etruscan Museum of Marzabotto for blind people.

WASP also scanned 28 decorative statues in the Pompei archeologic area in partnership with the Special Superintendence for cultural heritage. After that, the models were printed and located in Ottavio Quartione and Marco Lucrezio's Domus.
The printed copies are almost identical to the real pieces, thanks to the quality of the details; original ones are preserved in Torino.

Symbola book closed of the prize 100 italian stories for future building

SYmbola book of the prize Symbola book closed of the prize 100 italian stories for future building in front of Gaia

The prize of 2019

Also in 2019 WASP was among the winners, but in anoter field: "100 italian stories for future building". It was a research on Italian Companies that worked in the building industry that stood up for innovative projects.

The research was made in partnership with Fassa Bortolo and the Triennale di Milano, with field's experts and MadeExpo such as technical partner.
The prize was given for Gaia3D printed house with Crane WASP technology using natural materials from the surrounding area.


WASP Matteo Viviani

Le Iene Show at WASP

The italian intelligence to win against the virus

The good of technology at the service of humanity.

The "Iena" Matteo Viviani went here in WASP to meet Massimo Moretti, CEO, to talk about the medical devices that were designed and produced to fight Covid-19. First he gave a look at Gaia, the first 3D earth printed house, then he tried MY SPACE HELMET, our drip protection ventilated helmet with an integrated filter.

Watch here the report dedicated to the WASP technology from the minute 8 (in Italian).

WASP al tg3 emilia-romagna

WASP at TGR 3 Emilia Romagna

WASP on the front line against Covid-19

The good of technology in the service of humanity.

The Journalist Mattia Martini talks about WASP's technological innovation in 3d printing against Covid-19 with MY FACE MASK , a custom 3D printed mask , and MYSPACE , protective helmet.

WASP al tg3 emilia-romagna

Watch here the report on WASP technology from the minute15.20 .

ZERO Impact Houses, WASP on the tv show Striscia la Notizia!

WASP with the 3D printed house of the future on Striscia la Notizia

Cristina Gabetti in the special "Occhio al Futuro" (Eye to the Future) on the tv show "Striscia la Notizia" interviews Massimo Moretti of WASP and Tiziana Monterisi of Ricehouse srl on the house of the future 3D printed with raw earth and rice processing waste. The good of technology at the service of man.

Gaia, 3D printed house with raw earth

WASP presents Gaia, the first 3D printed house by the new Crane WASP technology with natural materials from the surrounding area.

Casa stampata in 3d, fronte

WASP on Idealista


Read more > Idealista news

"Best 3d printing companies startups to watch"


"...3D printing business and the number of 3D printing startups continues to grow. Here are the most innovative 3D printing companies in 2016..."

The list of the 30 most innovative printing companies 3d 2016 ... Here we go!


Technology hub 2016 su Repubblica.it

Minute 2:34 WASP project and 3d printing cement at Repubblica.it

WASP at the Matteo Renzi Conference in Chicago

Our 3D Printer DeltaWASP 20 40 was featured at the Matteo Renzi Conference on March 30th 2016 in Chicago.


At minute 2:27 is the presentation of Wasp with the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel.

Delta WASP 2040 on 3D Hubs podium

“The machine is an industrial build, but with all the open-source qualities. Rock solid in printing reliability and very high and constant in quality.”

"With its stunning looks, the WASP could be the crown jewel of any design studio. However, it's not afraid to get its hands dirty, either"

DeltaWASP 2040 earns the podium in 2016 3D Printer Guide of 3D Hubs for design, precision, speed, built voulme and print quality.

Thanks to all the WASPers who tried it and made a review!

Ah, about the noise level...

Bzzzzzz (WASPs are flying around)


Delta WASP is on the podium of hubs.com

Hubs.com published the Highest Rated Desktop 3D Printer rank and Delta WASP is in second place with 4,81 points out of 5. Quality, precision, speed.

We make a toast with Sangiovese wine :)

Thanks to all the Waspers around the world!

Read the article--> hubs.com

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