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Delta WASP 2040 Clay

base price 3.300 €

Accurate and fast using all ceramic materials. Clay 3D printer open and accessible on three sides to interact during the prints. Compact professional clay 3D printer, prints up to 40 cm in height.

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Printing volume: Ø200mm x h400 mm;
Minimum layer height: 0,5 mm;
Maximum print speed: 150 mm/s;
Maximum travel speed: 150 mm/s;
Acceleration: 500 mm/s2;

Material: ceramic mixtures

LDM WASP extruder 3.0: with 1.5, 2, 3 mm nozzles (standard)
Luer lock nozzle adapter with conical nozzles: 1.2mm, 1.5mm 

Operative systems: WIndows, Mac, Linux;

Official Slicing: Simplify3D®

Compatible Slicing: Cura, Slic3r

File type: .stl, .obj, .gcode;

SD Card – LCD Screen

Dimensions: 44 cm x 49 cm x h 87 cm;
Machine weight: 40 kg;

Dimensions and weight for the cardboard packaging on pallet: 50 cm x 70 cm x 101 cm, weight 50 kg.

Input: 220/240 V 50/60 Hz (110 V available);
Absorbed power: 180 W

N.B.: air compressor needed (min. pressure 8 bar)

Use: 20-30 C°;
Warehouse: 0-30 C°;

Frames and carters: metal sheet (lowers the machine vibrations, grants the best print quality), aluminum, painted steel
Print bed: bed in wooden multi-layer
Movements: guides on anodized aluminum
Open sides give the possibility to stop the printer and interact with the part during the print

1  LDM WASP extruder 3.0 with nozzle in metal diam. 1.5, 2, 3 mm.
1 tank 3L
1 printing bed in marine multilayered
12,5 kg of red earthenware TECHNICAL DETAILS >>

Dimensions and weight for the cardboard packaging on pallet: 50 cm x 70 cm x 101 cm, weight 50 kg

At your warehouse in 3 weeks

Note: The air compressor 8 bar 50 L and the pipe that connects it to the 3D printer are not supplied by WASP. 

A useful tip: It’s a nylon pipe and it’s a tool generally supplied by the air compressor supplier. If you don’t have it you can buy it from any hardware store of the length you need, ask for an 8 mm or 5/16″ (external dimension) nylon pipe.

A system which allow users to save their print job and resume it in the case of power failure..Read more about Resurrection System

The machine measures the height of interruption of the print and it restarts there. Read more about Free Z-System

Extruder with controlled  dosage  thanks to a screw (2013)
Controlled air pressure on the printer
Perfect stability thanks to new sliding-system on bearings
Air pipe connection integrated into the printer
Dedicated Firmware

New parametric 3D modeling software

WASP App lets you create your own design objects by manipulating a series of parameters. You will be able to export your gcodes and print them right away using WASP's Clay 3D printers, even in sequence, printing multiple pieces one after the other.


the new LDM extruder 3.0 for clay material

LDM WASP Extruder 3.0

A professional ceramic extruder equipped with a screw system capable of regulating the output flow of the material, allowing a rapid flow interruction and a good retraction control. Ideal for clay mixture and experimental materials.


Steel screw designed to triple the extrusion flow
Luer Lock adapter
Bubble eliminating extruder, it eliminates air bubbles in the mixture
Extrusion controlling system with retraction option
Outward pressure multiplier
Nozzles  Ø 1.5 , 2, 3 mm


Clay tools

The Delta WASP 2040 Clay is an indispensable tool for those working in the field of 3d printing ceramics


Clay 3D printer

Made in Italy delta 3D printer, with a clean design and compact dimensions. The aluminum and steel structure guarantees stability and precision, obtaining quality prints with dense fluid materials.

Wasp Plus +


Minimum layer height: 0.5 mm


Ø200mm x h400 mm


Maximum printing speed: 150 mm/s
Maximum travel speed: 150 mm/s
Acceleration: 500 mm/s2


Ldm: Ceramic mixtures, Clay, Porcelain, Other.


It Makes possible to download the inertia on the hanging rubber-bands, improving like that the printing speed and quality.  Read more >>


It allows to print a file starting from a precise height of the model to be printed, height previously selected. Read more >>

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