A new project put into production due to WASP’s technology.


ClipSystem Vision is a patented system to satisfy Ophthalmic Companies and Optical Centres. It’s an adjustable glasses kit. Every kit contains an eyeglasses frame, 40 right clips and 40 left clips.


This is a project by Roberto Pregliasco, Optometry and Contactology area Manager at the Centro di Ottica, Optometria e Contattologia in Genova. With a Delta WASP 2040 and 3 Power WASP EVO, in 4 months it has been studied and realized 5 different glasses prototypes.

All the process has been controlled by the same team: a designer, a prototyper and a maker. Spending less time than with traditional technologies and in a close contact with the customer, it is possible to turn the idea into a series production. Thanks to 3D printers’ potentiality, the innovative technology able to reduce time and cost of traditional technologies (the time for models prototyping is reduced of the 80% and of the 60% for production time).

Numbers speak clearly: 5 projects and 5 prototypes in 5 months. Alessandro Gargano from the 3d-agency team says: “We have started to work on this project in January, in May we organized the manufacturing. Impossible with the injection technique”. Furthermore, it was very important the close contact with the customer who, sayes Alessandro, “has the possibility to handle the prototype when he wants”.


The kit contains only Italian products. “Our 3D printed eyeglasses”, sayes Alessandro, “is designed by an italian team. Also the other parts of the kit: eyeglasses made by Damiani Company with Italian materials such as the Mazzuchelli’s sheets, handmade in Italy”.


The ClipSystem Vision is a project developed by 3D-agency, the FabLab of the Architectural Department (DSA) at Genova University. The purpose of this team is to disseminate and experiment digital fabrication technologies organizing workshops and events, to support people in the prototypation process and to develop small series productions.