COCOON PROJECT,  The lotus, a multisensory meditative cell.

Material: PLA

Type: modular

3d Printer: Delta WASP 3MT


The project for a multisensory meditative cell takes inspiration from the lotus flower morphology and its strongly symbolic and parallel meaning applied in meditation and in Yoga practice.

The goal was to design a minimal, one-person solution that was small at the same time but capable of achieving a great state of internalization for those who want to use it. Can be used in open natural areas, in relaxation facilities, or in urban spaces, to find a point in which to rejoin the self, the project can be totally modified in dimensions, integrations and materials, so as to be able to adapt to individual needs .


In natural areas such as parks, woods or reserves, it can be a shelter for a night, a small sheltered rest station or it could be part of a system of stations connected to each other like shelters spread in strategic points and easily traceable by GPS. urban, it can be a small break from the noise and the urban bustle, or, open, the cell can become a small space for picnics or to lie down in more people.

Technical details

In this module the petals are designed as movable independently of one another, fixed (by means of simple and printable joints together with the petal) to its basement segment. The base is formed by the interlocking of 6 wedges attached to the relative petals or can also be formed from a single piece printed and finished. the petals are designed to be closed from the inside by hooks. once closed in its entirety, an oculus 40 cm in diameter remains from which it is possible to see the sky. The oculus can be closed with a transparent material to shelter from the rain. The petals are printable, equipped with a flat part to attach a slope lower than 45 ° to the printing bed and in such a way as to be included in the 1mtX1mt space.


The module can be placed on the ground or possibly hung by means of 3 tie rods attached to the base which leave the possibility of opening to all the petals.

The unit is designed to open completely thanks to a mechanical or manual system, with strategic openings for the user’s view, ventilation and to minimize the feeling of claustrophobia, the project can be implemented with modules to increase the healing qualities, such as aromatherapy, music therapy and chromotherapy, or with technological modules, such as internet connection, or other features to be traceable and remotely located, such as GPS.

Each petal could be techno-equipped with solar panels or perforated for ventilation etc.

Once all the petals are closed, the form remembers the sea urchin, closed and safe. The external three-dimensional texture and the materiality of the material can vary from smooth to rough, it can be micro-perforated, bush-hammered, spinata, mirror-made, etc.

The dimensions of the finished element are 1.15 meters high for 1.50 meters of maximum dimensions. Variables.

The base of the modules to be grounded can also be printed in concrete to give greater strength and a solid platform.

The initial idea of the project is to be able to directly print the cell with biodegradable and environmentally sustainable plastics such as PLA, but thanks to the specific shape it is possible to use the various petals as formwork to form different materials, such as lightened materials, natural materials, foams organic etc.

It is also possible to finish the product with milled or laser-cut materials such as plexiglass, wood or metals.