Polizia scientifica

WASP, thanks to its dealer “RS Components”, participated in the creation of an innovative 3D printing lab for the Central Anti-Crime Direction of the Italian Police.

Rendering in 3D del Laboratorio realizzato per la Direzione centrale Anticrimine della Polizia di Stato
Render of the Laboratory created for the Central Anti-Crime Direction of the Italian Police

Into this innovative laboratory there are some Delta WASP 3d printers, thermoplastic filaments, fluid materials and customized electronic benches, chosen to satisfy the operators’ specific needs. The 3D printing lab will be improved soon with additional technologies, to better intercept the changing needs of a constantly evolving sector like this one.

Ingresso Laboratorio
Laboratory entrance

To meet the extremely specific needs and requirements of the Central Anti-Crime Direction of the Italian Police, 3D printers have been supplied with extruders both for plastic polymers (FDM) and for fluid-dense materials (LDM). Now this laboratory represents a real technological innovation hub, the only one in the Italian panorama that attracts interest from the other law enforcement agencies too.
The printers chosen for this technological innovation hub are: Power WASP, Delta WASP 2040 TURBO2, Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL, Delta WASP 60100 and Delta WASP 4070 Pro (equipped with the Clay Kit for ceramics).

Stampante 3d professionale Delta WASP 4070 INDUSTRIAL

Our aim is to respond to the primary man’s needs such as home, food, energy, art, health and of course safety using the 3D printing technology.

Visita al laboratorio del Capo della Polizia  di Stato Franco Gabrielli
Visit to the laboratory of the Italian Police Chief Franco Gabrielli