Delta WASP Open

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The open source 3D printer.
The Delta WASP Open was born in an atmosphere of sharing, in the perspective of producing a technology to which everyone can have free access. The ideal product for hobbyists and enthusiasts, for schools. The Delta WASP Open is a 3D printer in which simplicity and high performance go hand in hand, and it is, in fact, completely open source.


Technologies fused filament fabrication
Cilindric Print Area Ø 200 mm – 290 mm h
Max Print weight 300 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm/0.7 mm
Print resolution 0.05 mm < 0.25 mm
Accuracy X, Y 0.012 mm / 0.005 mm Z axis
Maximum speed 200 mm/s

Filament diameter 1.75 mm / 3.00 mm
Filaments used PLA, PET, Nylon, Flex, Polystyrene, Laywood, Experimental

Operating Systems Windows XP -7-8, Mac OSX, Linux
Software slicing Cura – Slyc3r
Software interface Printrun – Repetier Host
Firmware Marlin
File type . Sti,. Obj. Gcode

SD Card
LCD Screen

Dimensions 44x44x74 mm
Machine weight 7 kg

Input 240V 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 80W Print

Use 20-30 °C
Warehouse 0-30 °C
Nozzle max 260 °C
Heated floor max 100°C

Frame and cover Plywood
Printing bed Glass
Movements industrial guides on alluminium slides
Motors Nema 17 Stepper, 1/16 micro stepping

Open Source 3D Printer

Starting from the bottom, WASP wants to make additive manufacturing technology available to everyone. We build high resolution machines chosen by professionals and appreciated by companies for their precision and speed of printing. We do not forget our origins and we have developed an open source 3D printer, easy to assemble and with excellent price / performance characteristics.

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