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MICRO FACTORY – Milano Design Week

3 April 2017 - 9 April 2017

Opendot and Wasp present MICRO FACTORY, a pilot project of Industry 4.0, a temporary Smart Lab for the local production of articles.

To become smart, a city must resolve the ongoing conflict with industrial production: the products are commercialised, used and abandoned in the cities at the end of their useful lives. However, production frequently occurs at remote locations, sometimes at a considerable distance from the specific urban realities. At the time of writing, it is crucial that a new system is developed, a system that can allow everyone to access the design and co-designing phases, and to contribute to the production of merchandise and services to benefit the citizens and the city as a whole.
Industrial production must return to the cities, to be in close proximity to the people who use it, to allow the public to become protagonists of the production process and allow the cities to gradually become more self-sufficient.
This change will only be possible through intelligent articles, designed locally to resolve specific problems using advanced technology.
For this reason, Opendot and Wasp have presented MICRO FACTORY, a pilot project by Industry 4.0, a temporary Smart Lab for the local production of articles on demand. Digital manufacture is open and accessible; the protagonist will be Delta WASP 3MT, a 3D printer that can produce articles of volume up to 1 cubic meter. This innovative technology is progressively expanding the range of design possibilities: everyday articles, layouts, instruments and accessories for use in a range of sectors, from sport to agriculture.
Digital production, technological experimentation and parametric designs created to tackle local problems: from access, indoor/outdoor greenery, mechanical optimization of the pieces to integration of technology in everyday tems.


Superstudio Più
via Tortona
Milano, Italia
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