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WASP presents “Testando” at Maker Faire A live sculpture performance

12 October 2018 - 14 October 2018

As usual, WASP could not miss the Maker Faire, which will take place from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th October at the Fair center in Roma.
WASP has always been extremely sensitive to the ceramic theme, in recent years has increasingly focused its research on fluid-dense materials as something of big interest in 3D printing field.

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During the Maker Faire 2018 it offers a demonstration on the potentials of digital manufacturing techniques used in the realisation of ceramic sculptures. Many sculptures, each one accompanied by explanatory banners describing the production process and the materials used. An educational path that accompanies visitors, allowing them to understand the many working possibilities of 3D clay printing.

This year we present “Testando”, a live sculpture performance of the illustrator Luca Tarlazzi. For the occasion, with the help of the WASP team, Tarlazzi will transform a 3D model into a sculptural work thanks to additive manufacturing. During the three days performance he will create a 3d-printed ceramic sculpture, with post-production interventions. Luca will show the world how innovative and traditional techniques can coexist, intertwining in a work of artistic value.

Also the workshops dedicated to the small visitors of the fair won’t miss, including “I lost my mind for 3D printing”: the WASP team will accompany the children in a printing path of small clay sculptures.
Starting from the 3D model of the heads of some fictional characters, small sculptures will be realized in order to see how speed the new DeltaWASP clay is. Each child will be given a sculpture to customize through the addition of small details (beard, hat, mustache …). In this way they will learn how to intervene on the 3D printed object in post production using ceramist’s tools (spatulas, mirettes, sponges, etc.).


12 October 2018
14 October 2018
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Fiera di Roma
Roma, Italia