Auto-calibration is an automatic process that calibrates the flatness of the print bed, simplifying the adhesion of the first print layer. Here’s how to activate and perform auto-calibration on your WASP 3D printer:

NOTE:  This procedure is compatible with the following WASP printer models: 2040 T2, 2040 PRO, 3MT IND, IND 4.0 Line, IND X Line.

CAUTION: Auto-calibration must be initiated when both the build bed and extruder are already heated to the desired print temperatures.

CLEANING THE NOZZLE AND BUILD BED: Make sure the nozzle and build bed are clean and free of plastic residue or other impurities.

CONTACT NOZZLE PLACEMENT: With the printer turned off, gently position the nozzle so that it is in contact with the print bed.

TURNING ON THE PRINTER:  Turn on the printer and wait for the message “AUTOCALIB ENABLED” to appear on the display. If the message does not appear, you may need to warm up the extruder and clean the nozzle or print bed better.

START AUTO-CALIBRATION: Start the auto-calibration procedure as follows:

For 2040 T2, 2040 PRO and 4070 IND models:

  • Go to the main menu and select “PREPARE,” then “AUTOCALIB.”

For the Industrial 4.0 Line and the Industrial X Line

  • Go to the “PRINT” menu and select “AUTOCALIB.”

WAITING FOR HEATING : After starting the self-calibration, wait a few minutes for the extruder to reach the necessary temperature.

PERFORMING AUTO-CALIBRATION: The auto-calibration procedure will be performed automatically by the printer and will last a few minutes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: auto-calibration is activated by an electrical contact between the nozzle and the print bed. Make sure the print bed is conductive if it is different from the one supplied. If not, you will need to use the manual leveling procedure.