Bed touch system

Bed touch is a safety system designed to avoid scratching and collisions of the nozzle on the print bed.
The system is based on the same sensor used during the autocalibration process.
Whenever the Bed Touch sensor detects a contact between the nozzle and the surface, it sends a signal that causes the instant interruption of the printing process.
This prevents accidental damage that can lead to wear of the top and the nozzle.

The causes for which a nozzle can rub on the surface are generally the following:

  • Machine not calibrated (example: calibration with dirty plate)
  • .Gcode error (example: very low first layer)
  • Conductive printing material (example: loaded with carbon fiber)

Solving these problems at the root will avoid problems related to the Bed touch system.

It is possible to manually deactivate the Bed touch system if necessary (for example when printing conductive materials, such as those loaded with carbon fiber).
Deactivation can be done using the ADVANCED> Settings> Bed Touch command.

Whenever the machine is turned off and on again the Bed touch system will be enabled automatically.

How to know what firmware is currently on your machine?
Press the INFO button on the bottom toolbar.