Bed Touch

The “Bed Touch” is a safety system designed to prevent rubbing and collisions between the nozzle and the bed during the printing process. This system is based on the same sensor used during the printer’s self-calibration process. Its main function is to immediately stop the printing process when the Bed Touch sensor detects contact between the nozzle and the print bed. This is done to prevent accidental damage that could occur and that could cause wear and tear on the build bed or nozzle.

The most common causes why a nozzle may come into contact with the print bed include:

MACHINE NOT CALIBRATED: For example, if the print bed is dirty or the printer has not been calibrated correctly.

ERROR IN THE . GCODE: This could occur if the first layer was programmed too low, leading to the nozzle lowering too much.

CONDUCTIVE PRINTING MATERIAL: Some printing materials, such as those filled with carbon fibers, can be conductive and cause unwanted contact with the build bed.

In this case, you must manually deactivate the Bed Touch system in order to print. Deactivation can be done using the

  • ADVANCED–> Settings–> Bed Touch (Firmware with Interface or Earlier)
  • PREPARE–> Bed Touch (firmware with interface or later)

WARNING: Once the Bed Touch is disabled, the machine will no longer be able to stop printing in the event of accidental contact between the nozzle and the print bed. It is therefore recommended to pay attention to the cases listed above before printing.

Note: It is important to remember that each time you turn the printer off and on again, the Bed Touch system will be re-enabled.

To check which firmware is currently installed on your printer, you can press the “INFO” button on the toolbar at the bottom of the interface. This will provide information about the firmware in use on your machine