Spitfire Extruder: RED or BLACK?

The difference between the SPITFIRE red and black extruders lies in the feeding resistance voltage:

  • WASP SPITFIRE BLACK Extruder: Operates at 12V.
  • WASP SPITFIRE RED Extruder: Operates at 24V.

Each WASP 3D printer model is compatible with a specific SPITFIRE type:

  • WASP SPITFIRE BLACK Extruder: (12V): Compatible with Delta WASP 2040, Delta WASP 2040 Turbo, Delta WASP 4070, Delta WASP 60100.
  • WASP SPITFIRE RED Extruder: (24V): Compatible with Delta WASP 2040 PRO, Delta WASP 2040 T2, Delta WASP 4070 IND, Delta WASP 2040 IND, Delta WASP 3MT IND.

Make sure to use the correct extruder based on your WASP 3D printer model to ensure proper functionality and safety.