Can I use the dough left in the tank for several days?

The mixtures for LDM 3D printing are suitable for use as long as they are in their correct range of consistency and humidity.

If a mixture is left free to dry on a table in a few minutes / hours it could become useless and require re-kneading.

A mixture inside the closed tank, on the other hand, can be kept for several days thanks to the insulation from the outside that prevents moisture from escaping.

To ensure that the mixture is kept as long as possible:

  • Immediately remove all pressure from the tank at the end of the print;
  • Seal the tip of the nozzle hermetically with adhesive tape (to prevent the material close to the outlet from hardening).

The amount of days that can pass without compromising the mixture depends on various factors but above all on the initial consistency of the material and the environment.