CFS: Assembly and use

To assemble the Continuous Feeding System, it is advisable to follow the video tutorial that illustrates its assembly step by step. Here are the basic steps for the operation:

  • PLACE THE BASE: Start by placing the base of the Continuous Feeding System in the vicinity of your 3D printer.
  • SYSTEM ASSEMBLY: Assemble the system by inserting the support tube, bearing, and central body of the CFS.
  • LOCKING THE MOTOR: Make sure the motor is locked in place to prevent unwanted rotation.
  • CONNECTIONS: Connect the power cable and data cable to your printer.
  • INSTALLING THE AUGER: Install the auger and connect it to the connecting pipe.
  • MATERIAL INSERTION: Insert the material you want to print into the system’s tank.
  • TURNING ON THE CONTINUOUS FEEDING: Turn on the Continuous Feeding to start the material feeding process.
  • MIXER SPEED CONTROL: Use the monitor labeled ‘mix’ to control and adjust the speed of the mixer in your system.
  • CHECKING THE MATERIAL EXTRUSION: Use the monitor called ‘extruder’ to check the extrusion of the material. This step is especially useful for making sure the material is extruded properly before you start printing.
  • CONNECTING TO THE EXTRUDER: Once you have verified that the system is working properly, you can connect the tube of the Continuous Feeding System to the extruder of your 3D printer.