Change Core

How to switch between different extruders in multicore printers?

  • turn off the printer
  • unplug all RJ45 plugs from extruders and driver
  • unscrew with a allen key of 4 the six screws on the metallic joints on the movimentation arms
  • separe the arms from the extruders and place them on the guide
  • remove the three bands in silicone from their position on the sliders (Flex Extruder doesn’t feature silicone bands)
  • Hide the cables in excess (or take the missing ones) in the space on the internal roof of the printer
  • place the new extruder and insert the silicone bands in their on the sliders
  • tighten the 6 Allen screws of the 4 to lock the joints to the extruder plate
  • connect the rj wiring of the extruder and the wire feeder according to the colors
  • proceed with auto-calibration

The multicore extruders are:

  • ZEN
  • FLEX