Clean Extruder

The “Clean Extruder” process is a procedure used to clean any leftover material inside the extruder. This is recommended as a good practice before starting any print, in order to remove material residues that may have partially hardened or accumulated during previous uses.

PURPOSE OF THE CLEAN EXTRUDER: The extruder is the part of the 3D printer responsible for extruding the material. Over time, material residue can accumulate inside the extruder, especially if the material has melted during printing and cooled. The “Clean Extruder” process aims to eliminate these residues, ensuring a clean material flow during the next print.

PREVENT BLOCKAGES: The presence of solidified residue inside the extruder could cause clogging during the next print. Using the “Clean Extruder” helps prevent this problem by ensuring that the extruder is clean and ready to receive the new material.

CLEANING PROCEDURE: Can be performed multiple times if necessary to ensure a thorough cleaning.FREQUENCY OF USE: How often you clean your extruder will depend on the type of material used, printing conditions, and other factors. In general, we recommend that you do this every time you change material type or periodically to maintain optimal performance.