Configure your printer with static IP

You can configure the printer with a static IP address, but the options depend on the network connection you use. Below, we’ll explain how to do this on an Ethernet network and the limitations related to the Wi-Fi network.


  • Access the printer’s setup menu using the control panel or a web browser.
  • Select the “No wifi static IP” option from the list of available SSIDs (network identifiers).
  • Fill in the fields for the desired static IP address. These fields include the IP address itself, the subnet mask, the default gateway, and the DNS servers.

After completing these steps, your printer will be configured with a static IP address on the Ethernet network.

SETUP ON WI-FI NETWORK: Unfortunately, it is not possible to configure a static IP address directly on the Wi-Fi network. This is because most Wi-Fi networks use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to automatically assign IP addresses to devices.

Note: Technical support is available for additional issues or questions about setting up your printer.