Continuous Printing (how to change extruder when running out of material)

Continuous printing is an option that allows the machine to automatically change the extruder during printing when the material runs out.
In this way it is possible to:

  • seamlessly print objects that require more material than a single roll
  • finish even half-length rolls without printing interruptions

To activate the Continuous printing system, go to ADVANCED> Settings> Continuous printing
This way the system will be enabled for the next print.
Every time you want to launch a new print with the Continuous printing system you have to reactivate it

To use the system correctly, however, the printer must be set up correctly:

  • The nozzles must have the same diameter on both extruders
  • The same material must be properly loaded on both extruders before printing
  • The machine must be calibrated correctly (self-calibration).