Continuous Printing

The “Continuous Printing” mode is a function that allows printing to resume immediately when the filament spool runs out. When the sensor detects the absence of wire, the processing switches to the second nozzle, which continues with the same settings and temperatures. Here are the requirements and considerations to be aware of:


  • EXTRUDER: This function can only be activated with the WASP ZEN X Extruder.
  • NOZZLE CALIBRATION: Both nozzles should be well-calibrated to ensure a smooth transition between the two.
  • NO CLOGGING: Neither nozzle should be clogged to prevent interruptions during passage.
  • PROPER MATERIAL LOADING: Material must be properly loaded on both nozzles to ensure continuous printing.
  • END OF WIRE SENSOR: Make sure the end of wire sensor is not turned off in the advanced settings.

CONSIDERATIONS: The “Continuous Printing” option must be activated in the advanced settings to enable this mode.

Make sure you meet all of these requirements before using the “Continuous Printing” mode to ensure a seamless printing process.