Delta’s WASP Industrial line of printers was developed to meet the challenges of printing technical materials in an insulated chamber that would allow for better isolation of the printing environment. In 2019, this line was improved and renamed Delta WASP Industrial 4.0 to meet Italian government requirements related to Industry 4.0 and to offer additional advanced features. Here are the main differences between the two models:

TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY: The Delta WASP Industrial 4.0 features a touch screen display that makes it easy to interact with the printer and navigate menus.

WI-FI CONNECTION: The Delta WASP Industrial 4.0 supports Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to control and manage the printer from mobile devices or remotely through a wireless network.

HOT CHAMBER HEATING: This version of the printer offers a hot chamber heating system that can reach temperatures up to 70°C.  This is useful for printing technical materials that require a temperature-controlled environment.

HOT AND COLD TECHNOLOGY: Hot and Cold technology refers to the printer’s ability to handle both thermoplastic and cold materials. This versatility allows a wide range of materials to be used.

ON-BOARD TUTORIALS: The Delta WASP Industrial 4.0 offers built-in tutorials that guide users through calibration and printing procedures, making it easy to use the printer.

CONTINUOUS PELLET FEEDING SYSTEM: This feature is currently only present on the Delta WASP 3MT Industrial 4.0. It is a continuous pellet feeding system, which allows for continuous printing without interruptions due to material loading.