Driver rotation is skipping backwards

Check the printing bed leveling

  • menu > prepare > manual leveling > position > 00 > 01 > 02 > 03 > 00
  • Calibrate a distance of about 0.1mm between the tip of the nozzle and the glass plate.

Check the filament driver

  1. Make sure that the power cable is well connected If not, turn the printer is off and reconnect it.
  2. Make sure the control is active, then: menu > prepare > movement > 1mm > extruder.
  3. Check that the black knob on the threaded gear is well connected to the motor shaft. To check this, hold the lever of the filament driver and try to pull the knob. Then tighten the M3 set screw on the flat surface of the motor shaft, while centering the toothed part with the filament passageway.
  4. Check if the cooling fan placed under the filament driver motor is working.

Clean the extruder