The “Feeding Reduct” parameter is a function that, when increased, slows down the rotation of the auger placed on the Continuous Feeding System (CFS) in relation to that placed on the extruder. This adjustment is designed to manage the elasticity of the material during the feeding process.

AUGER ROTATION: The auger on the CFS and the auger on the extruder work in sync to push the material through the system. By changing the “Feeding Reduct” parameter, you can adjust the speed difference between the two augers. An increase in this parameter results in a slowdown of the auger on the CFS compared to that on the extruder.

ELASTICITY MANAGEMENT: By increasing the value of the “Feeding Reduct” parameter, a sort of shock absorber is provided in the speed of material feeding. This can be useful for managing the elasticity of the material more effectively, reducing the possibility of unwanted warping or other issues related to the specific characteristics of the material.

CUSTOMIZATION OF THE PRINTING PROCESS: This adjustment allows operators to customize the molding process to the specific needs of the material used, optimizing the feed speed to ensure a more accurate and defect-free print.

NOTE: It is important to note that the specific values to be assigned to this parameter may vary depending on the type of material and printing conditions.