Filament loading on INDUSTRIAL 4.0 LINE


  • Access the “PRINT / LOAD MATERIAL” menu on your Industrial 4.0 printer.
  • Wait for the extruder (or extruders, if there are more than one) to reach the desired temperature.
  • Place the filament in the hole in the thread puller on the printer. Make sure the filament is well placed and runs unobstructed.
  • Confirm the start of the material loading process and wait for the filament to be extruded by the extruder. This can take a while, so keep your printer under control during this process.
  • After the filament is loaded, click on “AUTO HOME” to place the print head in the home position.


If your printer has a dual extruder, you will need to repeat the operation separately for each extruder.


To remove the filament, follow these steps:

  • Heat the desired extruder via the printer menu, usually “prepare” > “preheat PLA/ABS”.
  • Once the correct temperature is reached, manually extrude a small amount of material from the filament.
  • Push down the “pliers” placed on the thread puller to unlock the filament itself, at the same time, gently pull the filament upwards to remove it completely from the extruder.


  • Make sure the extruder is still hot. You can use the printer’s menu to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Insert the new filament into the hole in the thread puller and make sure it is well seated.
  • Manually turn the black knob counterclockwise until the new material is extruded from the extruder. This ensures that the new filament is fully loaded and ready to print.