Gcode analysis

The analysis of the .gcode is an integrated feature in the printer that allows a control of the print file when it is launched.
In this way it is possible to identify a priori corrupt gcodes or problems related to the form.

The results of the .gcode analysis can be two:
– positive: no writing errors have been detected, printing starts automatically
– negative: writing errors have been detected, the machine communicates this and does not start printing

In the event of a negative result, there are some checks to do:
– Try to save again the gcode first in the computer memory, then copy it to the external drive(pendrive)
– Make sure you have done a “safe disk removal” before removing the external drive(pendrive)
– Check that the external drive is working
– Make sure the external drive is formatted as FAT-32 or ExFAT
(avoid NTFS or non-standard formats)
– check the content of “start gcode” and “end script” in your slicing software.