Heated chamber

The hot chamber is an integrated system in the machine that allows you to raise the temperature inside the print volume thanks to a flow of heated air.
The temperature of the hot chamber can be controlled similarly to the one of the nozzle or the print bed.

The use of the hot chamber is mainly designed for printing large objects with materials that tend to delamination and warping.
We recommend using the hot chamber for the following materials:
ABS: 50-60 ° C
PA + CARBON FIBER: 50-60 ° C
PMMA: 60 ° C

In general, for materials with extrusion temperatures above 250 ° C and tending to delamination, it may make sense to use the heated chamber.

It is important to know that using the heater in unsuitable situations (for example with materials such as PLA) can create problems rather than solve them.

The target temperature value can be checked in the following ways:
– manually (from the printer monitoring interface)
– software side (from slicing software with T5 temperature identifier)

It should also be taken into consideration that closed machines with a heated print bed can heat up internally creating a partial heated chamber.