How the Resurrection System works

The Resurrection System is a feature in WASP printers that allows you to resume printing from where you left off due to a power outage. Here’s how it works:

SAVING PRINT COORDINATES: When the printer detects a power failure or any other situation that requires the print to stop, it will save the precise print coordinates to the point where the interruption occurred. These coordinates are saved in a file named “RESURR” in the directory of the original print file.

SELECTING THE  RESURR FILE: To resume printing where you left off, you will need to select the “RESURR” file from the printer’s memory or SD card.

WAITING FOR RESTART:  Once the “RESURR” file is selected, the printer will begin the restart process. During this process, the nozzle will be brought to a temperature of 100°C to avoid abrupt detachment from the workpiece.

AUTOMATIC AXIS HANDLING: After reaching the desired temperature, the printer’s motion axes will be automatically returned to the “home” position.

RESUME PRINTING: Once the nozzle and hotbed temperature reaches the temperature specified in the original print file (.gcode), printing will resume from the exact location where it left off. This process avoids defects or discontinuities in printing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During the Resurrection process, if the nozzle remains in contact with the molded part, do not send the motion axes to the “home” position. The Resurrection procedure begins with heating the nozzle to 100°C to prevent damage to the molded part.