How to name correctly a .gcode

Although it may seem like a secondary aspect the way our files are named it is very important and can avoid many annoying inconveniences
The rules apply to the name of the print file (.gcode) but also to the other work files (for example the Simplify3D .factory file)

Some important rules to follow:

– avoid special characters (for example:,;:.! “£ $% & / () =? ^ | * é è à ò ù {} [] ç @ ° # §)
– avoid spaces (space bar key) or indentations (tab key)
– to separate words use the _ (underscore) character
– preferably use short names (under 13 characters), encoding the information

An example of a name created according to these rules is:


It reads: “print part 1A (prt1A) printed with Zen X extruder (ZENX) with 0.4 mm nozzle (04) material PLA (PLA)”

It contains all the necessary information and does not cause problems for the printer.

Some examples of names NOT created according to these rules are:

contains a special character (%)

contains the points, which are to be avoided

“Top part in PLA – for exib”
it is long and there are many spaces