How to name the .gcode

Naming your .gcode files and other working files correctly is an important aspect of avoiding any potential inconveniences during the 3D printing process. Here are some important rules to follow in order to name files correctly:

  • AVOID SPECIAL CHARACTERS: Avoid using special characters such as commas, semicolons, colons, exclamation marks, quotation marks, euros, dollars, percentages, and other special symbols. Use only standard alphanumeric characters.
  • AVOID GAPS AND INDENTATIONS: Avoid using spaces (space bar) or indentations (tab key) in file names. Instead, use the underscore (_) or an underscore to separate words if necessary.
  • SHORT NAMES: Preferably, use short names, ideally under 13 characters. Reduce the length of the name by encoding only the essential information.

An example of a file name created by following these rules might be:


This name reads as “1A (prt1A) printing part printed with Zen X extruder (ZENX) with 0.4mm nozzle (04) using PLA (PLA) material”. This name contains all the necessary information without using special characters or spaces that could cause problems when printing.

Some examples of filenames that do NOT follow these rules are:

  • “lidPLA150%” (contains a special character “%”).
  • “prova_ugello0.4_layer0.15mm” (contains dots, which should be avoided).
  • “part above PLA lid – x fair” (it is too long and contains a lot of spaces).