How to print a .gcode with the secondary extruder?

Do you have a code for only one extruder but want to print it with the secondary (right) extruder instead of the primary (left) one?

Change Extruder command

When you launch the print in the TUNE menu there is a command called “Change extruder”.
The moment it is clicked:

  1. printing pauses
  2. the temperature of the active extruder is copied to the other extruder
  3. once the processing is reached, it restarts with the secondary extruder

The command also works to move the processing from the secondary extruder to the primary one.

Create a secondary extruder profile on Simplify3D

If you need to print repeatedly with the secondary extruder, you will need a specific profile.
It is not difficult to create one from a correct single extruder profile.
We recommend that you download an official one from the Download section of the WASP site.

  1. Open the single extruder profile you want to start from on Simplify3D
  2. Enter the “Extruder” window
  3. Select the extruder in the left pane
  4. Select the item “Tool 1” (“Tool 1”) in the “Extruder Toolhead Index” item.
  5. Enter the “Temperature” window
  6. Select the extruder in the left pane (be careful not to confuse it with the top)
  7. Select the item “T1” in the “Temperature Identifier” item (replacing “T0”).
  8. Click on “Save as new” at the top right
  9. Enter a name for the new profile (specify that it is for the right extruder)
  10. Click OK to save the new profile.

Whenever you create a gcode using this profile the machine