I can’t connect the printer to my network

If you don’t see the affected SSID in the Wi-Fi settings drop-down menu, this may indicate that the Wi-Fi signal is too weak or noisy in the area where the printer is located. To fix this, here are some possible solutions:

CHECK SIGNAL COVERAGE: Make sure the printer is placed in an area with good Wi-Fi coverage. You can do this by bringing the printer closer to the Wi-Fi router or by using a Wi-Fi repeater to extend coverage in the area where the printer is located.

CHECK YOUR SECURITY SETTINGS:  Make sure your Wi-Fi network security settings are compatible with those supported by your printer: WPA2/PSK, WEP, and MSCHAP v2. Verify that your network is properly configured for one of these authentication modes.

USE AN ALTERNATE NETWORK: If possible, try connecting your printer to an alternate Wi-Fi network with better coverage or less interference.

Note: If the printer still does not detect the Wi-Fi network despite these attempts, you should contact technical support