Manual leveling for WASP 4070 FX/HDP/ZX

Manual leveling is a control that allows you to adjust the tilt of the aluminum bed to match the printer’s reference. Poor levelling can be the cause of uneven adhesion of the first layer to the plane.

CAUTION: The manual leveling procedure will erase the values saved during the last self-calibration procedure. These values will be permanently deleted.


  • You can find the manual leveling command in ADVANCED > TOOLS > MANUAL LEVELING.
  • This control is based on the three-point principle, where the machine moves the instrument to the vertices of an equilateral triangle proportional to the aluminum plane.
  • At each point, by turning a screw, the distance between the instrument and the plane is adjusted.
  • Use a piece of paper (80-90 g) as the thickness between the bed and the tip of the printer.
  • Once complete, make sure that the height in the center of the plane is similar to the other points. If it is not, please contact our support.


  • After manual leveling, it is recommended to perform the self-calibration procedure before printing