SPITFIRE SYSTEM configuration and print

Spitfire set up process:

Operation A

Download, the spitfire system configuration includes PID values and slicing profiles (Cura and Simplify3d) specific for the spitfire.

Operation B

Change the fan type from A to B. From the display menu go to : Advancedsettings/temperature/Fantype-B

If you do not find these options, contact the Support Team to update the firmware.

Operation C

Print the Gcode pid spitfire.gcode  inside the Spitfire System Configuration folder preaviously downloaded.

Operation D

Load the print profiles provided in the Spitfire System Configuration folder, sub folder Spitfire Extruder profiles, you’ll find both profiles for Cura and Simplify3d.

Do you need to replace the extruder?

Warning. Do you need to replace the extruder? The following video tutorial shows how to do it correctly.