Filament breaks

Whether the filament breaks can be affected by various factors, including the quality of the filament and environmental conditions. Here are some considerations:

FILAMENT QUALITY: Filament quality is a critical factor in preventing breakage. Low-quality filaments or filaments with defects may have weak spots or impurities that increase the likelihood of breakage. Make sure you’re using high-quality filaments from reputable suppliers.

EXPOSURE TO SUN AND MOISTURE: Prolonged exposure to the sun or moisture can affect the structure of the filament. Moisture can absorb into the filament, weakening its integrity and making it more brittle. Always store the filament spool inside the original bag or in an airtight container to protect it from these environmental conditions.

FILAMENT MATERIAL: The type of filament material can affect its breaking strength. Some materials, such as PLA, may be more brittle than others, such as ABS or PETG. Choose the filament material according to your specific printing needs.

HANDLING DURING PRINTING: When printing, make sure that the filament flows freely without friction or twisting, and that there are no contact points or corners that are too tight that could cause tension and breakage of the filament.